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  1. I have an existential doubt

    He has a bigger role again. You will face him during your campaing quests and help him to get information about the curent situation like in Katalam back then. He will also inspect Prometons Workshop to get infomation about Ershkigal and her plans. And I dont know if thats already proofen but Ershkigal will kill herself with the power of Aions Relic in 6.5+
  2. GF 12 servers (8 after merge) KR 3 servers + 1 master server Currently GF/AION EU is the most successfull region (player count)
  3. After the last P2W update EU is angry as hell

    As an EU player I want to ask if you have on NA also the problem that the battle leagues are having not enough slots and a second battle league has to be open at sieges? We have upt to ~2.5k+ players on each server (except some of the new ones). The LFG is full of recruitements at the evening.