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  1. Viola for Physical classes.

    I already did that u.u
  2. Viola for Physical classes.

    That's my point, every other minion is good for everyone while viola is only good for magical classes I am templar and her kit is useless for me...
  3. Viola for Physical classes.

    The thing is that the active skill is only magic attack, not physical attack so i get basically nothing from it And the passive proc is only movement speed, flight speed (which we already cap) and healing increase (which doesn't affect my skills or potions, if it did it would be great). That's my problem, on top of that healing boost sucks for me too lol
  4. Viola for Physical classes.

    Hello, I write this with a bit of hope of being heard, Viola is a minion that mainly benefits magical classes, but there is no minion that does the same for physical classes, my suggestion would be to give viola +17 physical attack increase on the active skill and on her passive change it to something different like healing per second to make her usefull and unique, the current one gives speed and attack speed which we already cap with transformation so it makes her very useless when she procs that 4%, also the healing portion of the passive should affect EVERY healing received by the character not only healer and chanter skills. I spent 4 months farming to get and S minion and i'm sure many more have suffered ALOT more than me to get one or even to not get one, so it should be rewarding no matter what if you succeed, but this feels like a fail, if i were a magic class any minion works just fine, but if i'm a physical class if i get viola i only get stat benefits? It's very unfair in my opinion... I hope i get listened but i doubt it.