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  1. Yeah! I'd rather struggle just once than twice on enchanting gear. I'll save ap, pvp enchants and spirits to upgrade t2 equipment and ill use crafted legendary until then, and then DE it as I get t2 equipment upgraded as @Ele-DN suggested. Seems the smarter choice at this point in the game.
  2. Thanks for the input, but I think that it's smarter to follow @Ele-DNadvice and save ap, enchants and spirits and go straight for the T2 gear. It will be a lot less farm for enchantment stones, and I mean a lot! Probably around 500 ancient, 150 legendary and 60 ultimate stones is my estimated usage for a full +15 legendary set (probably more actually). That's a lot of kinah and exp farm too. Thanks
  3. That would require me double the amount of PVP stones, though. That's twice the farm for those Legendary pieces. IDK, seems smarter and cheaper to wait for 7.0 to do it all one time only. Unless we will have T2 Enchantment Stones too, then I'm fked either way.
  4. This information is game changing. If I can acquire T2 Ancient gear directly using Cristals and work on it to Legendary and Ultimate, then that's probably the better option since I probably won't have the time/kinah to get my gear to Ultimate until 7.0. Maybe by then I'll have enought stones to go for Legendary and some Ultimate pieces in one go!
  5. Sorry, PVP gear only, yes. Ok, good to know that I can start asap. Thanks!
  6. So title pretty much says it all, but I'm starting now (just came back) and I'd like your input on the matter. Should I save my kinah and enchantment stones to get the new gear come 7.0 or should I just go for the 6.0 gear and then upgrade? Looking back I'd say we are about 3 months or less away from 7.0, and taking that time in consideration I'll not be full Ultimate +15 by then, maybe not even full Legendary +15. So the question is, will we be able to acquire the new equipment from ancient and upgrade it all the way to ultimate, or having the 6.0 equipment at +15 ultimate is the only way
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