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  1. This skin is not paragon.. It's Yornforged Will (Extended Greatsword) +15...You guys should clean your eyes first before making comments lol.
  2. The whole post has nothing to do with broker, it's just getting impossible item from illegal way. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. YOU ARE the one who just didn't read what the whole post is about.
  3. You just have negative IQ. Paragon gear from 11 to 15 is 0.4% successful rate, means 0.004^5 = 1.024 * 10^(-12) chance to get a paragon 15 weapon. Ok, lets count one blessing stone as one USD, you are going to need a billion USD to make a paragon 15. Do you think you still have brain now?
  4. are you going to make a +9 with regular t2 undercombine with red manastones now? why you are still trying to explain? You already failed to defense yourself. You need to +30 your brain.
  5. Yep same here, until those items are removed, and the corresponding gms confess with an official letter and compensation, I will not even give a cent to this game, or simple all the NCsoft products. I would also consider juridical process with other players in the near future. @Kibbelz @Hime @Loki
  6. I think in this case the GM's just broke what's in the agreement. We would be able to sue in the near future if gm refuses to react. @Loki @Hime @Kibbelz
  7. https://myaion.eu/PvESession/247613 @Kibbelz
  8. Human power vs software power items sold out even before i opened the window with in game macro
  9. It's human power vs software power, sounds cyperpunk Can you actually find a way to just reward the legit player?...
  10. This is frustrated when I put item in bucket already then lost to a bot when checking out.. this event really needs to be formatted in another way.
  11. @HimeI havent received any of the stigma stones.. can you please check?
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