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  1. we will have 2 weeks of hell in aion, but don´t worry will be one side fight
  2. please move to suggestion box, i can´t manage only lura coins , no lura materials, it is a waste of inventary space, we could do it perfectly fine with just lura coins, since you take out lura rewards from its instance, it has no sense , no as i liked before
  3. since is one entry per day , elys login asmos alt, so winning and getting better gear, balance? who needed.... roll back to 6.2
  4. at least do something about the camps, i don´t care too much for pvp but not having camps for 2 weeks is a nuisance
  5. https://www.aiononline.com/news/double-fragments-infinite-rifting LugBug Double Shards & Infinite Rifting! CLASSIC 9/14/2021|Event|By The Community Team Event Duration: September 15 – September 29 It’s time to enjoy some PvP! Ride the space-time rift and break into enemy lands to loot, pillage, and slay the opposing faction! For the duration of this event, all Daevas can look forward to the rifts between the Inggison and Gelkmaros fields to be open 24-hours per day! Besides PvP, Daevas can also look forward to all LugBug rewards granting TWICE the shards
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