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  1. The only people who complain about p2w are the ones that cant win even if they had the same level of equipment.
  2. ofc there is nothing new about it. Annoying people seeing all of the random people who wont win if they had to fight any team getting 10x red stones while people who didnt queue into their alts wont get anything.
  3. Cyan players don't care about "new" events. We want events that actually have good rewards that are not rare to see, ONE PVE enchantment stone is NOT a good reward...... stuff like PVE and PVP enchantment stones should be very common since you need so many. And you say there are fewer events because of how 6.2 is designed? Can you PLEASE go look at ANY OTHER REGION in the game? EU/TW/KR all have events rolling every week. Yes you did give us a couple of events in the past months but its bs. Same crap reward table? whats the point? Why dont you understand that the stuff you think is "ra
  4. Makes perfect sense that if you make a second group of alts and queue your main into it for FREE wins you can have 40 players receiving the rank 1 reward of 10x ultimate PvP enchantment stone. Very fair for the players who actually want to fight another team in harmony. Its nice you fixed the arena ranking but now there is no point to do anything BUT queue into your own alt to win the PvP stones at the end of the season. Now instead of playing the arena and receiving rewards at the end of the season based on your performance you should just make sure to queue into afk alts so you ca
  5. If you didn't notice its already legal via transformation system.
  6. Cause what you wanna do is make sure the only real source of guiding stones gets banned so you have to pay 40k per instead of 5k per. Bots helping economy more than NC them self.
  7. Who's a small greedy group? Last night mogang team cleared out 30 asmodians and made a league/invited me instantly when i walked up near the spot
  8. For no reason? its called supply and demand. Legendary kibirum was 1.2m a pop on DN-E until more elyos starting doing the bosses now its down to 600k each. Ultimate kibirum will always be rare until it drops in an event or DN-E start regularly getting anomos
  9. If NC really wanted to make money don't you think they would sell 1/100th of the items that the Korean shop has? Enchantment stone bundles ect? Do you really think they are that smart to raise the price of selective retune to compensate for lack of player base? No. They have absolutely no clue what is going on and the price is just random because they don't even understand how the equipment works in the first place let alone how many attempts on average it would take to come within 50 stats of a maximum tune. In NA it costs 160 Luna to re roll stats one time on an ultimate item. In
  10. When is this coming? We would like to know more information about up coming features and general plans for the game in the near future.
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