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  1. Ah, thanks Kubei. So he's still recovering but in Cygnea/Enshar. Good I hope he'll get better next year (I guess), for the 7.0
  2. Hi folks, I stopped playing Aion for quite a bit now, but I was curious to know what happened to Kahrun (the character). I remember we left him to recover in Levinshor and from what I've read, that map has been deleted (?). Did he go somewhere else? Are there any news about him in 6.x (or even 7.x, if someone of you already know something)?
  3. I received the same treatment @Illumishinel-DN, almost 1 year ago: banned with no explanation (3rd party software is a quite vague accusation), they refused to tell me what they found on my pc, and finally they "pardoned" me and unbanned me. The funny thing was that I already didn't play the game, so everything that I did was loggin-in and chat in Pandaemonium with my legion mates, no pvp, no pve, no luna, no mobs killed, no skills used. I still visit this forum from time to time, like a magazine, because it's funny to read some thread, but that ban was the reason why I definitely quit th
  4. The giveaway is now over. Thank you to all the people who've read it and didn't complain/mock me like someone did in-game (where I also advertise a bit - just a couple of time tbh). Gratz to the (only :D) winner! Whatever game you play, I wish you a good time <3 bb
  5. Yep, there was no need to attach this last screen shot, only the previous one was important (although I don't know how it's possible that you played more with the engineer in the screen shot than with all the characters of the account put together. Just curiosity, I'm not questioning you). The kinah has been delivered right now! Thank you for participating. Still 2 hours left for the giveaway.
  6. Hi all, new and old players of Aion! So the 6.2 is coming and apparently all the kinah will be untradeable. For this reason, since I quit the game more than 1 year ago, I decided to donate all my kinah. I already gave 50 billions to some of my friends, but I still have 7 billions "spare" (maybe something more if I have enough will/time to sell some old stuff). Anyway, I decided to give 500k kinah to every players that creates a new account on Guild Wars 2 and posts a pic of his/her character. At the beginning I though to give away 1b each, but the idea is to tickle new Aion's pl
  7. Hmm, no, I'm not using a yahoo email. I remember time ago about that amount of stolen accounts. I use a minor/local email service. But I don't think anyone else used my account. The odds that someone used it exactly the same day that I came back to the game, after some months, and then never again, are quite low. Also, there were several billions of kinah on that account (idk how many I had before, but if someone really stole my account, I don't think that I'd still have them). More likely some false positive. But without any info, it's hard to tell what triggered the warning. I just don'
  8. Thanks for reading that long post and sharing your experience, Aly. It might be as you say, I didn't think about it. It just seems unlikely that someone stole my account (only for one day - I didn't change the password after that, even now) and exactly the same day that I logged-in after almost 2 months of inactivity. It may be, but I doubt it. Still, if someone used my account, it would be nice to have some more info from NCWest. For example what process they found and at what time.
  9. Sorry, I tried to resist some months, but after this garbage I can't hold it anymore. I'm sorry. TL:DR: This is a raging post by one of those innocent players who have been banned (and then unbanned) without any evidence. If you think "yeah sure, every guilty person says I'm innocent" and that no one can be banned for no reason, then you can stop reading here. Long version: I stopped playing Aion when they introduced the Petra medals, more or less. Since then, I kept loggin' in every 30-40 days (not always with my main account) to check if everything was going well and to only c
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