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  1. Hello Sir @Kibbelz Not gonna do anything about those Broker Bots?????
  2. What the hell are you doing with Aion ??? Letting hackers use illegal programs at the Event while players struggle to try to buy something ... Their useless ... do something urgently to stop being accommodated ... Take the little player "Clean" that still exists in this game and listen to them worthless
  3. When will NcWest do something Fair for all players ???? Knowing that there are hackers using scripts and still continues with this futile event .... they will fix this mess.
  4. Nothing he always crying on DN-A because he hates the Legion Nod hahahaha
  5. @Cyan where is the List from Event 10th Anniversary Coins Compesation??? LOL its take long time??
  6. nothing about the compensation?? from Anniversary coin ???? @Cyan
  7. Sir what about us whos not received Anniversary coin at first week of event??? we gonna have compensation or?? @Cyan i did not received the coin at first week so ill be have an compensation???
  8. Okay sir thanks to say something to us @Cyan
  9. Same bro till the event starts.... what they gonna do? they will going to give us an compensation??? or nothing???
  10. Nothing about bugged Anniversary Coins??? REALLY????
  11. i got the same problem logged for a long time... and didn´t get this SHIIIT COIN
  12. Hello i did buy ncoin them i buy an prestige pack but its still 400 ncoin so where are that??? OMG...
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