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  1. Iirc, Lumiel was the unofficially official rp server Elyos side at launch. There were server merges late 1.x or early 2.x, and the Elyos group landed in Israphel. I'm not sure I'll have time either, honestly - growing up will do that lol. But it's fun to think about. Same here!! Still bffs to this day @Jagblade-DN Wondering if we ran into each other at some point! Were you Asmo? And around when were you playing? I remember people talking about stuff on Siel picking up as Isra died down, but I'm not sure.
  2. I'm contractually obliged to look for the roleplay server. Probably going to roll Israphel, I know that was the roleplay server post-Lumiel - did anything end up moving to Siel?
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