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  1. haven't got a refund tho, waiting on my +9 stigma, or my BC coins
  2. this rewards are so bad, i want to just uninstall this game.
  3. well i guess im gonna look forward to play some Bless when it comes out.
  4. sorry I'm not fake like you. you told the entire aion community they dont deserve this rewards, what do you expect for an answer?
  5. lol unlike in the legion im on, we all got together and we always had to talk about and socialize, if we didnt feel like farming we played something else... unlike your zombie legion, we always got something else to do.
  6. YES, you refused to play the event because you find it undeserving "that other people should have the rewards" so now you cried day and night probably to the staff to increase it. if we dont put effort in the game, what are we here for then?
  7. doesnt matter if is paid time or not, people are trying to like this game and farm, because thats what NCsoft games are known for, grind all day untill you cap.
  8. LOL, you crazy people used their own time requested time off from work to do this to make sure they dont have to farm the rest of the month. what do you know nyerk. blame yourself because you didnt put your time on it to farm it like everyone else, this event now is un-rewarding. I honestly wish good luck to whoever came up with this decision, just ruined the fun for everyone. All people want is to get ready for next patch is that too much to ask? well enjoy your juice NCWest, i hope you guys made the right choice to bring more players to the game.... NOT
  9. have anyone got this black screen when on loading screen, but after a minute you can hear the music like the game is running but the client it pitch black is a 64bit windows 10 PC it was working just fine yesterday but today is like that. My GF cant play at all.
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