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  1. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    Sorry, I don't have an ulti frostspark or masterwork weapon. I'm simply saying that linking those items to people in whispers work with no problems. Unfortunately the only weapon I have decent enough is my Ultimate Firebrand weapon. But thanks for the replies. I will just do what @Chibi-DN suggested until the problem goes away. Thanks all.
  2. Ultimate Firebrand Items

    Anyone having trouble linking any Ultimate Firebrand items to people in whispers? When I try sending the whisper, my friends don't receive it and when they try sending me a whisper with the item, I don't receive it either. It only seems to work if I link it in group chats, legion etc. But when applying to pug groups in LFG for PF/IDD, people want to know what kind of weapon you have and I can't link mine. I've sent multiple tickets to support, they gave me step by step directions which I've done over and over again, reinstalled etc. Nothing seems to work. Ulti Masterwork and Ulti frostspark stuff works with no problems. Just the firebrand stuff is giving me problems. Help :c