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  1. @Hime we have problems getting verification code in our emails we dont have statics ip so every time when our internet reset or i when i use my phone data i get verification code in my email now i dont get it anymore and of my friends cant log in now so please find fix for this problem fast we cant play
  2. @Cyan so the site is out of data so what the support talk about are you guys really know what you doing or say because i see every one say something different or maybe we all dont understand anything here i wasnt know that transfer isnt free as i saw in the site its free so i tried to transfer to DN from 3 days ago and found that i cant transfer so i send ticket to find why i cant and GM told me that the transfer will be from 1-15th may and my question , is the transfer free ? and here what i got as reply from GM https://ibb.co/C8msq4p so the transfer should be for free t
  3. i tired to use ancient stones to get this legend bow to +11 sure i failed a lot like after every 50 stone i get +11 then use legend stone and it fail over and over i didnt enchant for like 5 weeks saving all enchant stones . i tired to use only legend stones that i saved them for 5 weeks and i bought many of them too but they all failed and i back to zero again like this 5 weeks i did nothing just wasted my time in farm this stones i dont mind to farm hard to get your gear but i mind that after 5 weeks all your effort was for nothing if i will get 1 ultimate every month ok thats the game
  4. when u play for weeks and save every thing u get in this weeks do siege , quests , camps just to get ur gear and enchant it and upgrade it to feel that the time u spend is worth something but after u get your stones and try to enchant and you keep failing then aion isnt a game that u should play it anymore i really liked 6.2 patch in kr aion but i really hate it in na aion ty ncsoft for destroy really good patch and when some one ask for fix only one answer soon we will fix but nothing get fix
  5. i think they forget to switch the server on
  6. this rangers skills changes in 6.0 i found in in eu aion forum . https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTWgy8C1lShgQT6yS4rGrbRxAKPs2clNp2fgXiIF11bklcx1Cmeb92xVSJBCiMCdLywdghLrh3Dx9K8/pub
  7. so now SFT event ended and the game still in 32bit and unplayable so will ncsoft return 64bit client again or we will stuck with 32bit only ! @Cyan
  8. i have laptop i7 , windows 10 64bit , nvidia 740m and with client 64bit i get fps 40-50 with the 32bit i get drops to 9 fps and laggy so much i never had a crash with 64bit in SFT now laggy , fps drops , dark graphics and random black screen so i want the 64bit to on again they should give u option which client we want to work on not to help other and make other player suffering
  9. ahserion bow fused with 75 ap bow this pure pvp bow and the best pvp stats ever for now i have SFL bow fused with 75 ap it higher in stats but not higher in pvp stats
  10. @Cyan i didnt had crash ever in SFT and it was good running great many rank s now with this 32bit client i cant get rank s from all this laggy and the game looks like 2002 graphic games and fps 9 ! how i can play like that so plz make 64bit work again and give players option to select what ever client they want so if they crash on 64bit they can play on 32bit but dont make the player that play good in 64bit get all that laggy and drops in fps
  11. cyan my game was running greats with 64bit client and i wasnt crash or get send log now my game looks bad with 32bit client and graphic looks like carton and no sound for my skills and low fps i cant play like that so plz i want the 64bit client back again and if any one see that 32bit client good then make it us select what ever client we run the game with it but close the 64bit client no solution as 32bit really bad for some pc
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