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  1. Combining Minions

    I tried 4 different B's together and got Kromede! Was worth it imo. This should probably be 100% considering how much time it takes to get 4 level 4's but it is Aion
  2. Assassin Old Weapon Main-Hand

    Hi, Can anyone give advice on using an old weapon (socketed +6 precision) for pvp as a main-hand weapon in this patch? I have heard some people use it but they have highly enchanted +25-30 weapons. Mine has no enchant at all currently. Is there a rule of thumb to use? I am using pvp dagger (old) and ancient pvp sword. I like this for the crit/attack speed it gives also because I don't have an ancient transform yet with attack speed. Any help would be appreciated.... Second quick questions what is a good manastone to socket if I am not rich? Should I socket accuracy in my pve set so I can do higher level zones? What should I socket in pvp set? seems useless unless you have a red set (maybe purple).
  3. PVP Instance/Siege Times

    I totally agree here! For me these times are now to late so I end up missing dredge, sieges and IDL and basically can't build up AP's almost at all. Change these times as fast as possible.
  4. Fix Daevanion Skill For the Love of God

    look at the bright side.....I have opened 1 legendary box and got the run speed/attack speed skill. I wanted overwhelming judgement or the recovery one but no luck. I think I have only seen 2 other shugos in all this time and lost the rolls to other people.
  5. Ksara is right. I remember when I would buy ncoins in the past I would literally wait less than a minute and would have them etc. Now I wait until the next day. What changed? It just seems odd.
  6. Sadly if they made many of the changes that players are suggesting and made money on micro transactions rather than huge prices for virtual items they would make tons of money. I know personally I would probably spend more if items were cheaper and had a reasonable return (like actually worked instead of huge range). Also if they had a ton more variety of skins and home items. Honestly it would be EASY to make tons more cash through the game/platform they have already BUT they are just not doing it....
  7. OMG glads are going to be monsters! From now on I'm going to socket my run speed stigma on chanter and brrrrrrrrr.......zoom. That skill they have with the red buff and unraveling assault hurts like hell. shiver.
  8. New Enchanting System Changes

    It FEELS like the rates are lower than what has been posted. I'm not sure if that means it IS lower or not. I attempted to enchant my ancient chest piece from 14-15 and failed 3 times with a purple stone which if I remember has a 68% chance of working. Ok so that still leaves 32% chance to fail which is still pretty high. I made a few purples with the boronerk gems and ended up getting a red stone. I waited for my next piece to get to 14 with ancients and popped the red stone. It worked. Honestly I shouldn't have to use a red stone on ancient gear. I shouldn't even have to use a purple stone on ancient gear. It stinks because people are and were running around in red gear practically from the day the patch came out and the people in ancient gear are STILL having a hard time enchanting up gear. I thought that would change with the updated rates but while it has helped a little....not as much as I thought it would. I tried enchanting shoulders last night from 14-15 with a purple stone and failed again. So far out of 5 attempts with purple stones they have all failed. I could be unlucky but it FEELS like the rates are not correct with what we have been lead to believe. I enchanted my rangers bow to 15 with only ancients. I don't know the deal. Getting there slowly it seems. Currently I have weapon purple +5, chest piece purple +5 and boots purple +5. That is all. Lastly ffs make bundles in dredge and IDL give purple stones not lame yellow stones. Still there must be more ways to get purple stones and more ways to make Kinah....
  9. Transformation Potions

    It would be cool if all transformation potions dropped open world not just the low level ones (can leave ultimate one out or even legendary ones out). They are after all only 5 minutes. It would give more incentive to be out on the map grinding as well. I miss when grinding on the old maps and you would get a purple wings or piece of armor...you felt rewarded for your time.
  10. Hey, Am I in the same boat as other people? I have run so many instances and still have not been lucky enough to get even one legendary box. I did not go the route of saving 3 gold bars per day and in hind sight maybe I should have (even thought that is not even a guarantee - nothing in Aion ever is ha) 3 per day would take me 7 weeks to even have a chance at one. What is it about 4mil per day? Just wait until the event? It just seems odd to make it so hard for new players or players who did not have 1k gold bars already. Why make it so some players have purple and red gear and all devanion skills and others are not even able to get them for a year. Makes no sense and makes people quit. They should make it a little easier. I'm not asking for handouts or on the BCM just a little more of a chance to get even one. Give us the feeling of making some progress Olivia
  11. Hey, I love the new changes with the enchanting! I have had some better luck getting a few pieces up to 15 and getting beyond 10 on my other pieces of ancient gear. My problem now is that I am running out of kinah so fast because I need, transformations, new stones in sand shop (5million daily to reach the cap), shards, paying kinah while I am enchanting. Even if I am out grinding I can only seem to make 3-5million per time and then paying a crazy amount still to list things. I don't suppose there are other ideas for kinah? I have tried many and looked up videos etc On another note getting the fighters marks is just de pvp gear? I can't seem to get those because of kinah problem. I guess I could craft them? What do people generally do to get the fighters marks? craft then de?
  12. The game is not balanced

    AND have you seen the buffs to Glad in 6.5 or 7 can't remember. A lot more on the attack side of things....
  13. Daeva skills are a joke

    I have been doing most of my instances from the time this patch dropped and I can still not get a legendary box. I only have the ancient one on my main and none on my alts. I have even been soloing bos for the shugo and have gotten 0 shugos (do I need to repeat that number.....0) I don't quite understand the business model Aion is running. Lets sell things for stoopid amounts of money and HOPE people buy them. Lets have 5 bad skins available in the store. These are virtual items people! Put tons of skins that are good for good prices and they will sell. Put the price down and makes tons O cash from micro transactions duh. I would spend a ton more (than $0 currently) if the prices were lower. Example: put ancient pve stones on store (if they don't want pvp stones thats fine they currently fail anyway) at 50cents each. People would buy tons. Instead they put purple stones up for 2k coins?! wtf. Yeah I think ill buy 10 purple pve stones and have them fail. There goes my $20 bucks.
  14. Chanter advice!

    Ok here is my dilemma (and I'm sure many other classes have the same problem with the state of the game). I am working on my pvp gear set. I have all the pieces and have them enchanted to 8-13 for all the pieces. As we all know the rates are abysmal. I tried to enchant all my gear that were all 9's and they all I repeat ALL went back to 8. So my question is should I be trying to make/buy Legendary Masterwork pieces in the meantime? Should I work on weapon only first? Is upgrading to a Masterwork Legendary staff going to really help me a great deal? Sadly kinah is not easy to get and getting items to proc from crafting is a joke so it seems lame to just say with full ancient not being able to do any damage to anyone (unless they are under geared). Is a full set of Legendary masterwork gear way better than the ancient pvp gear? It seems to have pretty good stats. Lastly my accuracy even with buffs sits around 8k. This seems low to me but other than socket accuracy 60 stones at 3-5million a pop I can't see how to raise accuracy to a place where I am not doing base damage? Any ideas? Maybe the Masterwork stuff because it seems to have a lot more accuracy? Thought I would check this out before I quit. Olivia
  15. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    When Illusion was enchanting that does look like 5% BUT why is it 5%? By the chart it should be at least 25% no?