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  1. Hey, I love the new changes with the enchanting! I have had some better luck getting a few pieces up to 15 and getting beyond 10 on my other pieces of ancient gear. My problem now is that I am running out of kinah so fast because I need, transformations, new stones in sand shop (5million daily to reach the cap), shards, paying kinah while I am enchanting. Even if I am out grinding I can only seem to make 3-5million per time and then paying a crazy amount still to list things. I don't suppose there are other ideas for kinah? I have tried many and looked up videos etc On another note getting the fighters marks is just de pvp gear? I can't seem to get those because of kinah problem. I guess I could craft them? What do people generally do to get the fighters marks? craft then de?
  2. The game is not balanced

    AND have you seen the buffs to Glad in 6.5 or 7 can't remember. A lot more on the attack side of things....
  3. Daeva skills are a joke

    I have been doing most of my instances from the time this patch dropped and I can still not get a legendary box. I only have the ancient one on my main and none on my alts. I have even been soloing bos for the shugo and have gotten 0 shugos (do I need to repeat that number.....0) I don't quite understand the business model Aion is running. Lets sell things for stoopid amounts of money and HOPE people buy them. Lets have 5 bad skins available in the store. These are virtual items people! Put tons of skins that are good for good prices and they will sell. Put the price down and makes tons O cash from micro transactions duh. I would spend a ton more (than $0 currently) if the prices were lower. Example: put ancient pve stones on store (if they don't want pvp stones thats fine they currently fail anyway) at 50cents each. People would buy tons. Instead they put purple stones up for 2k coins?! wtf. Yeah I think ill buy 10 purple pve stones and have them fail. There goes my $20 bucks.
  4. Chanter advice!

    Ok here is my dilemma (and I'm sure many other classes have the same problem with the state of the game). I am working on my pvp gear set. I have all the pieces and have them enchanted to 8-13 for all the pieces. As we all know the rates are abysmal. I tried to enchant all my gear that were all 9's and they all I repeat ALL went back to 8. So my question is should I be trying to make/buy Legendary Masterwork pieces in the meantime? Should I work on weapon only first? Is upgrading to a Masterwork Legendary staff going to really help me a great deal? Sadly kinah is not easy to get and getting items to proc from crafting is a joke so it seems lame to just say with full ancient not being able to do any damage to anyone (unless they are under geared). Is a full set of Legendary masterwork gear way better than the ancient pvp gear? It seems to have pretty good stats. Lastly my accuracy even with buffs sits around 8k. This seems low to me but other than socket accuracy 60 stones at 3-5million a pop I can't see how to raise accuracy to a place where I am not doing base damage? Any ideas? Maybe the Masterwork stuff because it seems to have a lot more accuracy? Thought I would check this out before I quit. Olivia
  5. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    When Illusion was enchanting that does look like 5% BUT why is it 5%? By the chart it should be at least 25% no?
  6. That wall of rage text did not answer my question!
  7. No I meant on my main which is level 80 and group with a level 5 character. I can still enter the instance. I just wondered if that affected what drops you got for shugos.
  8. Ultimate Craft Items

  9. Does it matter what level your other character is to drops? If I login my level 5 character and group with them can I still get boxes to drop? I have tried but never got one so I'm not sure.
  10. This Event / Balance servers ?¿?¿?¿ :S

    I spent hours looking for the Shugo yesterday and found 1!! Then I tried killing it and when it was almost dead it despawned. I remember seeing posts about hey we can get 180 gems per day blah blah. The average player is not going to get anything at all from this event (specially the new or returning players). I'm in full ancient pvp and pve gear and I couldnt dps the shugo down fast enough. Even my stun didn't go through. Not to mention when you are out looking for shugos you get zergd. Literally the worst event I have seen in the history of Aion. No gems you can buy daily for 1 coin, long spawn times on shugos, not very many shugos, rewards are crap. I would be surprised if anyone got the quests done daily and had enough for the 1 pvp stone each week. So bad....all I can do is shake my head. Lastly I was going to purchase another prestige pass for this event then after logging in for 3 hours and playing I decided not to because it was not going to help at all. Maybe at the end of the week for my $20 I could buy 3-6 potions. At first I thought it was transformation contracts ancient and legendary for 200 and 300 gems. I thought damn this event is going to be great. Then I looked again and it said potions which last 5 mins. NCfail. Those 2 people they have left are going to be out of a job soon.
  11. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    I tried enchanting my +8 ancient boots yesterday with 27 stones and went to +6 by the end of my stones. I'm not quite sure why they want these rates? To hold players back who are just starting and didn't get compensation gear? What is the reasoning do you think? You can't buy these stones so it's not like they are getting money by people buying more. I guess buying the Ultimate Red gear is the only option or crafting it. Seems expensive to craft it so new or returning players are screwed again because they don't have the cash. The prices of the stones went so low with bots now you might be able to craft stuff but can't really make any reliable kinah. I guess we are expected to just wait until 6.5? Sadly there are many who won't wait and there will be less and less people playing what was and can still be a great game.
  12. Hey, I think stats should be tunable on ancient and legendary pvp gear. Why not? It would help out those newer players or players who did not get exchange gear and close the gap (only a tiny bit) The difference between red and purple/yellow is huge not only in the stats themselves but in the fact that you can tune them as well. Any thoughts?
  13. Hey, We were having this discussion over chanter chat yesterday and I was getting information to just make a DPS set and socket all crit. The best defense is a good offense. Is this what most chanters are doing these days? I am coming up on having a full ancient set all pieces with weapons (staff/shield/mace) and just wondered what to socket? (healing boost or crit?). I am working on enchanting it up as well with some success to at least +7 for now until I get more stones. As far as stigmas go for support as well. I am using all the ones to get word of instigation because I like it for groups as well as recovery spell and healing burst. It is hard to kill in this setup. I like the dps setup but then I lose WOI. Any advice? Thanks.
  14. Drop purification requirement from +15 to +10

    enchanting should really be easish for ancient, medium for legendary and hard for ultimate. Same with getting the stones for each level. Ancient stones are relatively easy to get as it is. Make blues and reds a little easier to get with more ways etc. So far I'm having fun. I have a full set of ancient...working on enchanting that up etc. As always in Aion there are people with better gear than you and people with worse gear. So in pvp I win some and lose some but thats just how it is. Don't make it to easy to get ultimate and enchant it or we in a mess. No content and tons of people in ultimate red fully enchanted with nothing to do = boring dead game where people log off.
  15. New Patch Thoughts

    IMO NCsoft is not actually that creative in getting the average player to open their wallet because they have a few players who spend tons on garbage. For instance the new pack for 2k coins? If they had made it juicy with decent stuff people would buy it (can't cost them much if anything currently to make this pack). So far I have heard not many that will purchase it. They could probably sell it for 500 coins and make a ton because so many people would buy it. They need someone a little smarter in marketing the stuff and pricing the stuff. I remember hearing that Kim Kardashian had a game where people made characters and would buy stuff for them with micro transactions (like $1, 2 $5). That game made hundreds of millions of dollars off of micro transactions. I think Aion could do the same. I sure would spend more if the stuff was decent and inexpensive. I bet they would make more than they do......I think I could be wrong.
  16. Skills 6.5

    I noticed on one of these links that the GOK mob can drop either ancient or legendary but many have been saying GOK can only drop the ancient box and same skill comes from it every time. Has this changed for 6.5 or can you get ancient and legendary from GOK box? I noticed also you will be able to craft the box and purchase it with genesis crystals? Am I right on that one? That would be nice as well. I'm having a hard time getting a legendary box.
  17. What is the fastest way to gear up?

    Hi Lady, I had this problem for a little while and basically it comes down to your attack power vs the mobs defense. If your attack power is below the mob defense you will do base damage (very little). I am a chanter and as you were saying it would take forever to kill something. If you kill the mobs near the lakrum base even with the low gear and level 80 you should kill those pretty quickly if you wear all the gear at once with weapon. Currently I need 2 pieces to finish my pvp ancient set and it is starting to get better. I have 10,500 attack with a combined weapon and am starting to hit for 10-15k per hit on some skills. I see rangers doing lots of damage so just keep at it. I don't play a ton maybe 1 1/2 hours a day and in a few weeks you can have the whole ancient set. Rangers have some skills that are OP at lower attack power because they boost it by 30%? i think. I find I do more damage in my pvp gear because its better than my pve gear currently (similar attack power even with the pve bonus) Don't even think about the people who got gear in the exchange. I saw someone in full red armor +10 and +15 purple accessories and +10 weapon and shield. That is like 2 years from now for me lol. Just have fun questing, grouping, zoning and do what you can each time it resets each week.
  18. Why So Much Complains From People?

    I have played since day 1 and many of the complaints are valid. I get the whole if I play lots of hours I should have better gear etc. For sure you do. Honestly because I didn't enchant my 75 AP gear up to 20 now I actually have something to do in the new patch. I saw one player (a vet) who was always geared to the teeth in game the other day and they were in all red +10 gear with +15 purple accessories, red wings, red bracelet and red plume all +10. Monstrous stats! They must find the new patch boring as hell because barely any of the content is a challenge and in pvp they can 1v10 easy in that gear. It is a shame they gave out such high level gear. Personally I believe those geared players from the past would have still played if they were given purple gear set level 0-5? Probably. People want a challenge....feel like you earned it (other than I enchanted my other gear up so I deserve it). There isn't enough content to warrant wearing red gear. I find there are not enough yellow/purple/red pvp stones in the game currently even if people wanted to enchant their gear up they can't. If the 1 time quest was a weekly it would probably work. As a casual player (1hr a day) it will be quite difficult to ever get purple/red gear (honestly like 1-2 years) when people are already in that gear (unless you pay BCM/events etc). From day 1 of the new patch there will never be a day regardless of skill that I will be able to take those players because of the monstrous gear gap. Yes it existed in the past with full fenris, 50 elite etc but we could still kill those players with a few other players. Good luck killing someone in full +15 purple with red armor +10 (not gonna happen even with a huge bunch of players in yellow/some purple). With all that said I still login and play my characters and try and get my yellow set enchanted up. I still have fun zoning with other characters and working towards getting my devanion skills (don't have any yet - the rng gods in COE have not been kind so far). Aion has always been a grindy game. I wish it had a little more content at end game and was a little easier for returning/new players (not leveling per say just competing in general)
  19. PvP stones

    Please make this quest a weekly repeatable. I'm finding it hard to have enough stones considering the rates. You could burn 100 of these and not have an item at 10 let alone 15.
  20. PvP stones

    Not sure....I got 1 from my Prestige box. (randomly)
  21. PvP stones

    They should make pvp stones available when you pvp. Randomly you get one or so many kills etc.
  22. PvP stones

    Good call. I knew there must be more ways to get them. And the BCM I guess
  23. Damage

    Thanks MooMoo, So I should get a pvp staff fused with another pvp staff with genesis crystals and use the boots/gloves as well and the weapon to get a high enough physical damage to overcome the other players physical defence correct? The use of old staff 19% and gloves 8% attack speed are not really doing me any good if I can't overcome the physical defence. Boots maybe just for running at 22% is helpful.
  24. Damage

    I think I understand how damage is calculated. I am working on getting my pvp set above the Lakrum set. I am still using my +15 staff from 5.8 because of the 19% attack speed and my gloves and my boots for the run speed 22%. The rest is a mix of pvp lakrum and genesis crystals pvp gear. My question is am I better off using all genesis pvp armor/weapon/accessories and let the attack speed/run speed go so I can actually damage something? Anyone done testing....? I watched a video on the way damage is calculated and basically if my physical attack is lower than my opponents physical defense I will do base damage? I see some people (can't tell their gear) 1-3 shot mobs that take as a chanter a little while to beat down. Any thoughts?
  25. Transformation scroll