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  1. If they suspend the event, I suppose they will extend the duration of the event for one more week, right?
  2. well I guess now we can't even trust the patch notes
  3. 3 months have passed and aion is still under maintenance on the geforce platform
  4. aion has been in maintenance for 36 days on the geforce platform now, is there any news about this?
  5. Will the reset not affect the revision of the kt bug?
  6. 14 days have passed since geforce now announced that aion would go into maintenance. @Kibbelz I already know that you told us that there is no ETA for this problem but those of us who use this program to play Aion are being harmed because although the game can be played from the official launcher it is not viable for us who have a potato as a pc. not to mention that geforce now does not do refunds: /
  7. Well, we have a Christmas event but I have a doubt, in the rewards I did not see that we could obtain what some of us want so much (the ultimate transformations) nor did it specify that the snowballs would give. Can you clear my doubts @Kibbelz?
  8. @Cyan this is a comparison of the number of entries to Infernal Drakenspire Depths (IDD) that an Aion EU player without GoldPack has and those of an Aion Na player with Prestige Pack. As you can see the players of aion Na we have very few entries compared to those of Aion EU. This type of limitations is what lowers the spirits of the players. Do you think you could talk to the aion development team to improve this aspect?
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