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  1. we also still dont have the wise dragon king weapons from 7.0, and you can include fire dragon, water dragon, void dragon and thunder dragon as trashy items too because they're just weapon skins with worse skills then the new celestial ones.
  2. 5.8 style events such as https://www.aiononline.com/news/shugo-emperors-vault-may-2019 stormwing event like this is very good but you dont actually do anything but afk, so needs to be on at the same time as other events https://www.aiononline.com/news/hungry-hatchlings Smoldering fire temple, daeva dash and kumki from 5.8, these all you had to play the game to get rewards and you still made money off the reset scrolls and keys. The events right now dont actually require you to do anything fun and the rewards are very basic, legendary transforms should drop like candy at this point as
  3. Suggestions for cash shop items or events - Selectable ultimate manastone box (LOTS + TRADEABLE/BROKERABLE) [item:188072809] - Selectable legendary manastone box (LOTS + TRADEABLE/BROKERABLE [item:188072051] - Kaisinel/Marchutan transformation contract item code:[item:190095084] [item: 190095124] - Selectable daevonian skill box (brokerable) [item: 188072820] - more selectable legendary transform contracts for collections [item:190095108] - multiple events at once (eu has that) - the new apostle legendary transform contracts -selectable platinum cubics f
  4. katalam should be 24hrs or night time only, why make ir during the day when peak hours is at night? lol
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