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  1. Ya, I was tempted to hold off until 6.2, but then this 400% inspired me. Guess I'll try to work through the blue quests and campaigns - thank you very much for the reply.
  2. Just came back to the game a couple weeks ago, and decided to level up a couple alts with the 400% buff coming this week. Are there any guides of recommended leveling paths? Currently level 31, but everything I google seems to be outdated, or just recommends questing (but I'd prefer to grind). Thank you in advance.
  3. I'm out of town for work all next week - I have a feeling all my names will be gone :-( Not due to identity theft, just because they're all amazing :-D
  4. Thank you, Commission - this was helpful. I'm at about 4300 MB at level 70 (not sure about my other stats since I'm at work, will have to check), so seems like I just gotta keep grinding exp and trying to + my gear :-)
  5. This guide is amazing - made me start to focus on my Aethertech. Just out of curiosity, could you include the minimum stats for PVE and PVP? I might have missed them, but don't believe I saw them anywhere (or in comments). Mostly curious about minimum MA to be safe in PVP. Thank you very much :-)
  6. I had the same issue when I came back to the game about 4 months ago. Opened a ticket with support, they responded in about an hour saying they removed the block from my account, and I haven't had an issue since. I actually appreciated their concern that it could be a risk - I'd been away from the game for years and all of a sudden came back and purchased NCoins. Seems like you already contacted support, hopefully it gets sorted out and you don't have any more problems.
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