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  1. Ok, Im a bit at a loss for information. Logged in after a while ( stopped playing at 6.0 arrival ) and as I understood, scrolls mounts pets are unusable, old gear was unusable etc etc. Tried the EU game and I saw that as a thing. So here on NA, I log in ( sorc 70 lvl ) and I see i still have bunch of armors - usable , scrolls -usable, my mount is working etc..thought I should not be able to use those? So what's the catch.. I understood 6.2 is on NA too? Or there are differences in that here that I cant seem to find in the patch notes? And as a side question, what to do with old stuff.
  2. Yeah was thinking like, right now. Its fixed whatever it was, after a hot cup of coffee and 30 min's im on and enjoying the game! :)
  3. Hi, every time I try to log into the game I get the "Disconnected from server blah blah" Hope this issue is getting fixed soon! Btw, I understand that there are topics already but heck, making another just to raise the awareness to the problem
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