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  1. Thank you kind sir, I'd appreciate it. I speak for others too. First of all, not all countries can buy ncoins so easily, it gets expensive when converting currencies, so no, it isn't always the same lunch money as you call it to be. Second of all, that was an ignorant response. I speak for others that are not able to buy ncoins so easily due to the 5300 error, as well as the fact they can't buy at all yet they would want to. So yes, this is a valid complaint.
  2. ^ Seriously, why would you do this? at least people that buy can get the opportunity to sell to people that can't buy stuff from BCM. So many I know woulda wanted those skins yet they can't just because it is untradable as you buy them from BCM. http://store.aiononline.com/store/category?categoryPath=1_46_50
  3. It is probably untradable as usual but...doesn't hurt to ask I guess...Curious how many of these soul stones can one get at a time through this heart event?
  4. Ahh then that is probably it then, not sure why I was told Gerha at the time. I assumed it was called Gerha in the Katalam stages, thanks mayinne. However yes, I contacted support from the NA official website.
  5. Yess, looking forward to it, wish you the best. I look forward to its completiog, wishing you the best.
  6. Hello theree, I was very impressed with The Ultimate Aethertech Thread [Guide, Stigmas, Gear, PvP, PvE] by @Vincerra-TM and The Ultimate Introduction To Chanters [PVE, PVP] by @Yec-SL. It was inspiring to see such quality work and it motivated a bunch of people to make such classes too. It would be amazing to see more of these ultimate guides for the rest of the classes, such as Sorceror, Spiritmaster, Gladiator, Templar, Cleric, Songweaver, Gunslinger, Ranger, Assassin. Linking these guides to noobies can make them love the game more too to jus get a general idea atleast as to what to prepa
  7. DAmn it, listen to themm...add omegas into BCM please >_>; idk why it is necessary for people to struggle with enchanting, the only struggle we should even have is enchanting gears past +15, the rest we should have a relative good access to
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