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  1. Well i have been doing all the methods suggested so far and, farming in alliances for alcemium or any sort of stones is not profitable at all because the people that farm, use other 2/3 alts in the same time, finish farming, sell them to the broker and slowly they low the prices more and more cause they wanna sell the items fast and the result of one stone is little to nothing as far as price goes lately. Also, the events are pretty shitty.
  2. So, for the past 2 months I've been running PF and IDD every week with 4 entrances in PF and 2 or sometimes 3 IDD runs. My complain is that in all these 2 months of constantly spamming these instances , I only got 1 piece of Ultimate gear. How is it possible ? Am I doing something wrong? Mind you that every time someone Looks, it either has prestige buff or event buffs.
  3. I need to know how to make kinah nowadays in aion. Can someone give me a couple suggestions please?
  4. There is in the menu, the information for each instance and you can see the fortress next sieges by putting your mouse on the fortress itself (Lakrum/Demaha/Abyss/Altars)
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