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  1. Thank you! <3 I'm pretty excited, but I don't want to count my eggs before they hatch. I'm gonna call them probably next week to see how things are going, and hopefully that leaves a good impression for them that I'm interested in this. I'm even more pumped in the opportunity to move, since a lot of my friends are on the other side of the state (with the exception of a few friends hours away from me, and one in Wisconsin who's probably going to move to Canada to live with his boyfriend at some point). It'll be nice to have a place to call my own and plant roots. -w-
  2. I'm definitely thinking of submitting a design for the contest! I have a couple ideas in mind. One of my friends is also submitting a costume idea as well. As for what I want to do, it's either going to be something that's like a tribute to one of the maps that's going to be deleted once 6.0 comes in, or just doing something really silly and cute. Might do rough sketches of both and see what I like the best.
  3. Pet Peeve: My arm. Got bit by my dog earlier this week and the bite's infected (despite cleaning it multiple times a day). She's up to date on her shots, as am I, but I guess it came from her mouth. Who knows. Either way, it's sore, It's gross, and I just want this infection to go away. Hopefully the 2000mg/day antibiotics will fix that in the next week or so. Thankfully it's my right and not my left (I'm left-handed), so I can still write and draw while this heals. Not Peeve: I applied to an illustrator position! It's for writing and illustrating children's books for kids from kinder
  4. Pet Peeve: Telemarketers who like to use the charities I support to try and get money from me. Just had a phone call today about donating money for one of said organizations (which I kindly declined since I don't have funds to donate even if it was legit), and after Googling the number, it's a telephone scam. Damnit. Not a Pet Peeve: My boss at work is going to be retiring at the end of this week. He's been working where I'm at for about 13-14 years, but has been around the block working for well over 40 years now. He's a really nice guy, an army vet, and also a nerd who used to play Run
  5. That would honestly be perfect. Now it's either waiting for Luna to have it in their crafting shop on her or my main, or breaking down and getting the damn skin on the BCM. XDD
  6. Hi, my name is Draiky and I have an alt problem. I have 4 Asmodian alts along with my main. Some of the pictures are old, some are from the character creator, but maybe someday I'll update with some more recent photos of them. Fun fact: All of my Aion characters are based off of my own characters, most of them from D&D and tabletop shenanigans because I'm a dork. So first and foremost we have Korsan, my gunslinger that I'm hoping will become more pirate-esque in the future since he's...well, a pirate. Need to get to Brusthonin at some point. ^ ahoy me hearties woul
  7. *will be 27 in June and yet looks like a fat 12 year old* I had a discussion with my friend tonight about kids on their phones and I just had to stop us by saying "We literally sound like old people." With that said. Peeve: The people who decided it would be cute to not put items back on the shelf and instead leave about 30 decorative baskets for me to pick up. Really appreciate you, dude. Not a Peeve: My best friend of nearly 15 years and her fiancee are now playing Aion. Fresh blood. I mean.
  8. Thank you! <3 It's been a pain, but it'll be worth it in the end. I need to post a forum thread about my art at some point. Been thinking of opening commissions this summer, and I've wanted to do some form of Aion art for a while, so it could be a thing. O: I also just realized the forum auto-corrected me to say "nyerk." What a beautiful world.
  9. *rises from the grave once more* Peeve: The label printer at work has decided to be a temperamental toddler and not wanting to connect to our store server, hence making labels for products difficult. My own boss said straight up that this label printer's evil. I believe him. Not a Peeve: FINISHING MY COMIC AT LAST! Or at least it'll be done by the end of April provided I don't slack off. Inking is a nyerk, let me tell you. But it's looking hella nice and I can't complain. Also working on art for a future Unisystem tabletop campaign for the future on the side, which I'm also real
  10. Awesome work, dude! Especially the 3D models, mad respect to those who can do 3D modeling programs, because I sure as hell couldn't.
  11. *rises from the grave, gasps for air* Peeve: When the yarn that I need for a blanket project is actually stuck in one of probably 13 boxes in the back warehouse and not on the floor like it's supposed to be. Not even kidding, almost threw out my back moving a box of yarn that must've been at least 30-40lbs in weight. Not a fun time. Not a Peeve: Getting back into my comics again! Gonna finish this damn comic I wanted to do last year but didn't due to my motivation being slaughtered earlier in the year. That, and there's a pretty high chance I might be promoted to full-time manager at m
  12. I'm gonna be a weeaboo/nerd here and recommend comics and manga to this thread that I enjoy. Hope that's okay. owo;;; 1. Monstress by Majorie Liu and Sana Takeda Set in a steampunk horror fantasy, the story follows a girl named Maika who's on a journey to not only escape the clutches of forces wanting to control a monster that hides beneath her skin, but also to find out about her past, namely her mother. As an illustrator, I love the comic style of this. So much detail and love went into this, and each page is almost like its own masterpiece. The story is breathtaking, as well as
  13. Peeve: Can I just put holiday shopping in general? Because man it's been a hell of a time the past couple of weeks in terms of work. x____X Not a Peeve: My best friend of 15 years got engaged! ; w ;)~ And I'll be her Maid of Honor for the wedding! I AM SO EXCITE EVEN IF THE WEDDING ISN'T UNTIL 2020. AAAAAAAHHHHHH~
  14. Behold, the song that has plagued my ears and back of my head this whole year and won't ever leave even if I wanted to. It's staying.
  15. That is true. I also just get warning via my RA when it rains as well - I know when rain's coming a day or two before by my joints acting up. Thankfully I have some really nice double-insulated knitted gloves that can go from fingerless gloves to mittens, they're a lifesaver in cold weather. Even better when I can get a thinner glove layered under them for extra warmth and prevent my hands from getting too stiff. I also have a pair of compression gloves I wear when the stiffness/inflammation is really bad. I should start using them more when I knit or do computer work, honestly. Might help
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