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  1. You need to specify what server and Race, if you are Elyo on DN I think I have some stuff left @ my wh probably the Klawnick's Bed
  2. It is complicated, you will need to modify the client to do it, the music is packed so you will need a unzip utility specific for the game packs and find the exact song you want to swap, and then repack it. You can find some tutorials on how to do it @ youtube, but I can't say if it is considered a grave client modification. Doable? yes, but it will take a while and it may get erased/replaced every time the Client updates
  3. Nope they are not removed, but they are harder to get. 1.- Buy a house then you can buy from your city's seller (they sell few) 2.- Traveling shugos has some more that you can adquire. 3.- watering other players can yield one with a small chance. mostly remaining guestblooms are useless but are nice for decoration.
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