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  1. I do know this, and there's ample evidence. They know it too, and given the word choices in your reply, I suspect you know as well. Perhaps a bit more discretion is in order.
  2. They know precisely who the broker bots are and allow them.
  3. https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/5989-some-amazing-ideas-i-had/
  4. I think Aion needs more things to enchant. Here are my suggestions: 1. Mounts: We should be able to enchant our mounts to +15. If you fail, the mount and maybe your crotch is destroyed. 2. Kinah: We can enchant Kinah one by one to +15. That would make 1 kinah worth 15 kinah. If you fail, your kinah is destroyed and your warehouse is destroyed. Each attempt should cost at least 100k kinah. 3. Confirmation Windows: One things this game really needs is more confirmation windows. So you should be able to enchant your confirmation window to +15 and create the same number of identical
  5. A sin can stay in hide 'til you're done pooping.
  6. NCW didn't lie. 50% of 0 is still 0.
  7. If everyone lies, and you're included in 'everyone,' how can we believe you?
  8. Group. /end thread EDIT: maybe wait 'til 1/2 of the server comes back from their 35 minute ban. *Then* group.
  9. Most of the things you mentioned aren't actually playing your character tho. they're getting ready to play your character. just sayin'.
  10. It's pretty amazing how far some people will go to avoid taking responsibility for their shitty behavior. The kick mechanic was always there. Exploiting it for etium was not. Neither were the mass auto kicks you mouthbreathers did to try to cover your tracks. Your sad entitlement essays made me laugh. It's mildly amusing watching you fumble around with ideas. Still, you dipshits wrecked progression is an already lopsided and dying game, bragged about it, got caught, and somehow still have a c*ntache after getting only a slap on the wrist. Y'all may get your characters back,
  11. I agree with you. But: If a few people spend a ton of money getting max gear, and then a few angry rank 1s spend lots of money to catch up, that is much better than anyone having fun. If you're NC.
  12. Re compensation for people who didn't exploit: You so silly! Compensation means they have to give us stuff. Banning people means they don't have to give us stuff. Also, people who got banned have to make new accounts and buy new stuff. You so silly!
  13. 170 stones to get *one* legendary ring from +10-+15. I got a second ring to + 11. 150ish stigma stones to get two green stigmas to + 9 from + 5 and +6. So sick of spending so much time on alts just to not play or gear up my main.
  14. I'm excited for cross-server PvP with only one server.
  15. I'm REALLY excited for this update and I'll tell you why: For years, I have believed I know the absolute shittiest things can get. "Well, it can't get much shittier than this!" I often say. But 7.2 and 7.5 are going to show us all how shitty things can really get. I'm excited!
  16. Aion is 1 guy playing 500 accounts and three people who quit in 2.0 but still log in to hear the music. Occasionally, there's 1 guy running 150 vandal alts around Pernon to level essencetapping to 100. These may or may not be the first guy, too.
  17. The biggest change is that the game isn't good anymore. Some of the music is still nice, in the areas that weren't destroyed. The game has always been grindy and full of time and currency sinks/population imbalance/class imbalance, which I think everyone knows going in. The problem is that even though progression is heavily gated behind certain upgrade materials that mostly drop in pvp instances, some players are able to exploit vulnerabilities in the gating and snowball faster, which has a huge impact on a gear-based game like this. This probably wouldn't be possible on populated server
  18. IB too , no? Stats standardized/removed in the instance etc. Title is a bit misleading--it should be, "Don't apply to groups asking for geared applicants if you're not in good gear" or some such. EDIT: or maybe, given the screenshot, the title should be "Don't apply to that dude's group."
  19. Safeword-KT


    1. The asmo is a bot 2. You already knew that 3. Bots moved to another part of lakrum to farm mats 4. players are farming their alt bots everywhere 5. here a bot there a bot everywhere a bot bot old macdonal'd had a farm eeeeee-eye-eeeee-eye oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 6. bye
  20. Eh, I'm pretty sure everyone knows the answer to your first Q already, at least on KT. As for the compensation etc., I'm not holding my breath, but in a game where everything is about snowballing your progression faster than your opponent's, BiS isn't the end of the road-- it's all the other stuff you can amass that gives you an advantage or a head start in subsequent updates. Yeah, it's always been a bit like this but it's wildly out of control now and I'm not sure they can do anything about it tbh. It's still pretty irritating that they have 0 control over the 1 thing the game is about.
  21. Point is that since then the people who didn't exploit gear faster b/c they have a harder time winning. You'd have a better argument if the exploiters were evenly split among ely and asmo, but … yeah. No.
  22. Safeword-KT


    No! Please don't do that! Bots are very important for helping bad players progress! If only there were logs and IP traces to confirm all this...
  23. They're easy to gear and very low skill cap and they hope new people will come and play them and spend money because look I can push 2 buttons and kill everyone PLUS see pretty colors
  24. You know things are shady when 1. they add xform scrolls and make them mandatory 2. shorten the duration so you have to buy more 3. make the xforms fugly and override the appearance gear you paid for 4. charge for different scrolls so you can see your original appearance again
  25. Neleth is a bit whiny but he's mostly right. Most people play this game hoping to feel a bit of the nostalgia they felt at release, and there are enough people who do so to keep the game afloat for now. That doesn't mean they couldn't easily make it better, but they won't. I bet 5 minutes access to their internal metrics would show virtually no new players, and old players whose spending habits can be predicted with almost 100% accuracy (so you'll get no changes to systems or content, the cheapest translation and localisation available to reduce costs, and a million P2W events to inc
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