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  1. ofc they won't get banned. Nobody has their AION what the players are doing, and noone cares. GEt it? GET IT???????????????????? omghahahalollmaoroflmao k bye
  2. I think they could just close the game and send everyone a bunch of screenshots of people AFK at EC/IB/Underpass and dredge zone-in areas and it would reproduce most people's gaming experience exactly. think about it.
  3. Step 1: exploit EC and get lots of upgrades Step 2: lose most fights Maybe just spend your time eating more donuts.
  4. Similar bug in IB if you time your exit with your xform. When the coin event dropped, I thought, "This hasn't been thought through, but at least progression is still gated behind etium." Little did I know... AION's a game in which one's success is based almost entirely on gear, and they routinely allow this stuff to happen. I honestly think they don't have any clue or interest in what's going on here. Which would make sense if they were profiting somehow, but I don't understand how this isn't losing them money. I've lost interest in the game and unsubbed, but I can't deny that
  5. I actually saw a few people in my EC earlier say, "Kick me please. I will re-enter." Had no idea what they were on about, but I guess now we do.
  6. Reflagging the coins was irritating but w/e. It was fun and good for a short while, and deep down everyone knew it'd be changed because it was fun and good. Going beyond that and further nerfing the actual drops, however, is beyond lame. But you knew that already. That's why the second change was left out of the patch notes. P.S. have fun at the water cooler after publicly shaming your dev team.
  7. Dear Organisms, Long have you been my heroes.I wonder if you could take a second to help with something important. I'm a budding entrepreneur. I'd like to take a product--say, baby seal meat waffles-- that has proven to sell successfully, and through mismanagement or neglect, make it worse. I will then sell this to customers. I'd like to have a group of customers I can mislead and misuse without risk of them leaving. It's OK if some of them are ill, or veterans, or rely on the game as their primary social interaction. I, however, will not interact with anyone. If possible I'd
  8. If you shaved your head, you'd find a nipple on top.
  9. Hey, if 3 hours really means 4 hours, do 4 and 5 weekly entries really mean 5 and 6? I wonder these things. Since numbers seem so meaningless now.
  10. Could you guys express future downtimes in Earth hours? thanks.
  11. How does he know what we're all thinking...
  12. I recognize that they released this patch super late, incomplete, and having scrutinized the f**k out of it to monetize or restrict everything they could, yet somehow they missed this. This is their fault. They should own it. That some people who didn't take advantage got screwed makes it even worse.
  13. Such incompetence. While you're at it, maybe just roll back to 4.0.
  14. 6+ hr downtime in 2019. For a partial patch that has already been translated and localized. Lol.
  15. We're having issues without survey tool, too.
  16. Just came back. Leveled 55-80, did the campaign and all side/camp quests. Gear gap is fairly insane. I've used all my COE/Mirash runs and been carried through BOS and FM by some really geared people who can probably duo that stuff. Got 2 legendary accessories from that. Other gear is still campaign/ancient. My question is: what's the best use of my genesis/enchantment stones with 7.0 so close? I'm not sure how much genesis PVP gear I can get to +15 before then even if I had the stones & no failures (lol). I'm not 100% on what's exchangeable or necessary for upgrading in 7.0, s
  17. Are you kidding? They managed to get you guys to use TONS of luna (which you need in 7.0 to upgrade stuff, and thus will need to buy even more of) without giving you anything in return. Again. They wouldn't keep doing this if their internal metrics didn't give them confidence that they could. And you keep proving them right.
  18. I hope the event brings more confirmation windows to the game. I love those.
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