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  1. Are we just going to ignore the fact that there was an announcement at the very last day that tuca thorns won't be an option to craft despite having the resources to do so when the snowball event began, and that those that hoarded countless tucas got fked hard? If this was the intent in the first place, why the fuk would there be a 22h cooldown to craft @Cyan the craft option for tuca torns was a bug before the event ended, but why the fuk would you not warn us sooner that the torns would NOT be an option to craft after the event ended, that was insanely misleading and now those that have a few of more tuca thorns that dedicated their time and effort to compete for even the chance for 1 tuca just got analed by this late announcement. Make the tucas craftable for atleast another week but take that dogsht nyerking 22h cooldown off this sht...
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 14, 2019

    Please change the Legendary Transformation Contract Obtained by trading "Ice Gems" Select instead of Random!!! Its the final event before a new season and it should atleast end on a good note. Despite how lack luster this event was managed, those whom stuck by it should be rewarded with atleast a Select transformation if that was their objective. What better way to have a Finale uwu!~