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  1. My Dad used to tell me when i wanted something or hoped something would happen that i could crap in one hand and hope in the other and see which one fills up faster , Pretty sure with NCSoft's track record of disappointing its players you'll just end up with a hand full of crap in this case. Besides , anyone who rerolls painter will have to deal with the same thing a new player has to deal with , Ncsoft doesn't do anything for new players so why would they give an event for re-rolls.
  2. Same here , mine is over on 18th and not getting renewed , considering even going to go back to BDO since this upcoming patch really looks meh.
  3. Unlimited runs in CoE/Mirash until 7.0 would be nice , would make the event a bit more fun for people as well.
  4. Being the last time we'll have Mirash and CoE just removing the limit on them would be nice . let us run them till we can't stand them anymore. This would also solve the other issue with the price of the rewards.
  5. GM Xeikun (Aion) Jul 29, 19:41 PDT Hello, Thank you for contacting Aion Support Team. Upon checking, the Shugos specifically Great Smuggler Shukirukin has been removed from Aion during the 6.5 Update which is why you will never see them spawning in Cradle of Eternity along with Clumsy Smuggler Shukirukin. If you have any other inquiries, please do let us know. Regards, GM Xeikun NCSOFT Support Team
  6. I put a ticket in about it and was told it was removed during the 6.5 update
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