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  1. So with 7.5, Pandora has been removed, and along with it, the way to obtain Ereshkigal cubics from it. As far as I know, Veilenthrone still exists, as do prestige quests associated with it. How are some people who have not finished cubics or ever tried the instance going to ever be able to do it w/o such boost in stats? Working as intended NC? Unless there is still a method to obtain these cubics that I have not yet know about, you have content that some people cannot run without the associated cubics.
  2. So it seems like this minion got a new nickname!
  3. wheres the survey?

    Yea the survey items DO NOT work. As you can see a level 70 Cleric using a level 70 and below letter and NPC asking me where my papers are. Items are also in inventory not special cube so it could be why its not recognized. In case people asked if I was on cooldown, the instance info is also displayed.
  4. DCs/Sendlogs during PVP instances

    So the first KT person to post here, but also from Jersey, also using Verizon FIOS and the disconnect issues also plaguing me recently. I would randomly DC on 1 client and not the other, I would randomly get stuck in loading screen with shugo animation of it running forever. I would login Aion and it would disconnect after accept or just disconnect flat out after game launches. After seeing the forums, I am almost certain the fault lies mostly with Verizon. Maybe people in Jersey with Verizion are affected after they did something? This seems to be the most common trait we all have. To be honest, my discord sometimes lags, where I am in voice and one character disconnects and people dont hear me or I dont hear them in that moment sometimes too. Granted, it could be a combination of the factors between Aion and Verizon, but I'm leaning more towards Verizon for now. Also damn, more people from NJ on here than I expected. Princeton area here.