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  1. Yep ancient potions are a waste. Legendarys it's ok. Kaisinel potions would be great
  2. Rate is a garbage right now =/ items don't pass +13 with ancient enchants. Most of the time i try i end up wasting like 50 - 70 ancient enchants on only one item and it keeps going down to +10
  3. Yep... New craft is so shitty they should keep the good and old Guiding stones in Lakrum. By now i guess the best choice is to break GC weapons or make kinah in dungeons and buy mats for craft ancient new gear
  4. KT-Elyos Sand traders is bugged.=/ And it's been like 9+ Hours
  5. Gold shop still doesn't show nothing... My toon got out of shards and scrolls.
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