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  1. Known Issues - October 9

    1. Pandora vandal incorrectly named as "mystic". 2. Morph recipe for spirit fragments states in the description "a" spirit fragment not 40 as stated in the title of the item. 3. Survey for new event token missing, normal and prestige.
  2. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    ETA on BCM being fixed? Still can't buy anything outside of Featured or Hot...I want skins......
  3. Survey

    I haven't run CoE as I play solo for the most part and I tried to solo but can only manage to get the eye boss down to 25% before I'm dead in the free ancient gear. Mirash final boss is impossible for me due to lag, I'll use the ladder as soon as she starts the death skill and I make it onto the platform without ice falling only to insta die up on platform. If the chests were added to cubic, then I wouldn't have a problem with not getting the survey chests. As I said, I am a returning player trying to get a decent transform, given NCSoft screwed my ability to craft scrolls for myself.... They deleted so much and gave very little in return...
  4. Survey

    So you're saying that the chests promised to everyone via way of survey regardless of whether you ran CoE / Mirash or not are not being given to everyone? only those who ran those instances? I'm a returning player and am already questioning whether its worth returning to a game that is so poorly managed....If you couldn't deliver on the survey a mail to every account with a lvl 76+ toon should have been sent regardless of whether they ran said instances or not.