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  1. I am still waiting their reply and it's been like 24hrs since I answered the ticket. They messed up my xforms and removed the one that I won from LAST year event. @KibbelzLike seriously...
  2. It's not Paragon, which I don't know if it is worst or better. Because it's Stormshackle weapon, that has the same stats as the weapons that drops from IDD normal. Imagine paying 180$ for a weapon that drops in an instance with 100 entries and even alts with greater transformation can do.
  3. When 7.8 was launched, Awakening System arrived which guarantees some extra stats when you put the same class minion below. Post says that 2 Defts Shebas will give 660 extra attack. Is this right? Or just some mistake? @Kibbelz
  4. I already sended a ticket just posted here so everyone can see it if Kibblez answers, because I guess most people want to know.
  5. Hello, just 2 questions Are we able to restore minions with tokens now that the promotion event finished? and if we don't... When are we going to be able to do it again? @Kibbelz
  6. Yeah, and we're still waiting for the minion S event you guys said we will get. And don't forget about the new skins/motions.
  7. What do u mean with Sovereign acc/feathers will not longer drop? They are deleting SL and BE too? Thanks for the info btw
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