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  1. 7.2 Enchanted +15 Daevanion Skills

    God, I'm so tired of enchanting stuff, will this ever stop?
  2. Show Us Your Aion Fur Friend~

    Besides Aion, we play with balls <3
  3. SM Best Xform?

    So pretty much any kind works
  4. First time I saw that skin, we were still on 5.X, so no, its not 7.0 content. And I'm pretty sure its a birthday event thing, would be nice if we could get this on next b-day event
  5. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Well, I have elyos characters on KT and asmo on DN and EK. So in order to keep all my characters, I must transfer the EK toons to DN right? Right, cuz the elyos and asmos can't be together at the same server. But then you tell me I have to pay if I want to keep all my characters playable? Really?
  6. -Tradeable white gear -Crafting mats, stones, enchants and kinah tradeable through acc warehouse -Gear drops on boxes for everyone in the group
  7. New server for 7.0 ?

    Thats what Hime said few weeks before EK was born, on the thread about 6.0 changes. So yeah, gotta save a character slot for that.
  8. Bots in Lakrum

    This reminds me of the time I would complete my star officer quests killing bots at Katalam lol. Good times.
  9. Aion Needs More Events

    I vote for pvp events giving legendary/ultimate pvp stones and decent enchant rates. And dredge/id/evergale should give more legendary stones than ancient ones.
  10. Tomorrow Last chance for the game.

    Speak for yourself. My friends and I are mostly casual players, and we used to love pvp, even not having top tier gear, but we didn't get compensation gear after 6.X and now we can barely get any or our ancients to +15 so we get constantly stomped by ppl in ultimates and it got old already. No point in going out for pvp like this, its not fun anymore. We're tired of running dredge/id/evergale to get stones that will fail, (no matter if they're ancients or legendary, and btw, I can't even remember when was the last time I got a legendary from those bundles) we're not even doing camps anymore. So well, we decided to try some pve for a change, and its also getting old now. Since the first weeks of this patch we're doing all our FM's, with at least 3 cloth classes in our main group, and so far we got a total of 0 cloth drops. Yep, zero, cloth never drops, not even when we run with our alts. We're about to reroll just because of that. BoS on the other hand mostly drops physic acc so our chanter is the only one in the entire legion with legendary pve gear. We can't finish PF in ancient gear (yes we tried, lacked dps to clear adds), so we're stuck at the most boring instances and that gets old too. Idk if our legion's RNG is just too nyerked up on this patch or the drops really should be fixed, ffs. I remember getting trolled by boss drops back in 3.X days but not like this. There's no fun in pvp nor in pve anymore, so why play? Even skinwhoring got boring cuz I can't get new gears to use my skins lolz. I was never the person who keeps complaining about the game, I was always a free player and got used to it and always managed to have fun despite not having all the OP stuff. But they drained all the fun, and it makes me really sad as I still love Aion and I love playing with my friends. But most of the time nowadays I don't have the will to log in and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one...
  11. What Skin Set you get inside Beshmundir?

    This is the original Stormwing's set from the old days, nowaydas is a legendary gear, which has a pretty rare drop rate from bosses, so its really hard to farm these skins nowadays unless you're really lucky! Normal mobs tho, drop a white gear set that has the same appearance as old lvl 65 balic crafted gear (ophidan): Female cloth and plate. But these also drop from Lower Udas Temple, Dragon Lord's Refuge and Enshar/Cygnea mobs.
  12. Skin drops after 6.0

    I've been using this list to farm some skins now that we got the update, and I would like to add some info for those that are willing to do so. These are actual gears, not clothing, therefore you can only use the pieces allowed for your class. All the items are untradeable, cannot be brokered, unstorable on acc or legion warehouse and one-time remodeling; They don't drop for higher levels, you must be within 10 levels range to be able to drop stuff; Make sure to group with another low level character to get drops at low level instances. A friend that was lvl 50+ was holding group for me on FT and I was getting 0 drops, I had to log another account with a lowbie toon to be able to farm. Unfortunatelly, passing the loot rights to another character (so you could farm on a lowbie alt to loot on your main) doesn't work. I tried, the mob disappears while the loot is still closed. Last but no least, RNG sucks. I'm farming on my cleric and so far I got a full set of cloth and a full set of plate (helm included!), but only 1 piece of chain zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Hope you people have better luck lol
  13. Scheduled Game Update - October 24, 2018

    Go to sleep guys, I bet ppl that works for NC went home already by now too lol Better try again tomorrow
  14. forgotten reian skins

    Oh shit, sorry, my bad lol. I mistaken Elite Reian with Forgotten Reian zzzzzzz You mean this? http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/101501594/ I never found this on 6.x content at powerbook, so I think its only available if you already had it from before.