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  1. Bumping this also. This needs to be addressed.
  2. If this is not already recognized as a "known issue" (not sure how it would not be but raising it here anyway), at 11am US Eastern time every day there is a "known issue" to the player community called "server reset" wherein any activity that involves an update to item(s) in your inventory is delayed until the server catches up from some apparent batch process that runs behind the scenes at that time. For example, I just crafted a bunch of major elemental waters in the alchemy room. I look in my inventory and find there are no major elemental waters. I then notice everyone else in legion ch
  3. Sign the petition to unlock Asmo character creation
  4. I noticed around the time of the p2w for legendary transforms event (which event I *did* take advantage of btw after having failed n number ancient transform combines to get even a single legendary transform that I never did get before that event) that the enchant success rates dropped significantly. Ultimate enchant stones failing on attempts to get +10 or above on ultimate gear are nowhere near what they were before that event. My experience since that time has been maybe 15% rate of success on any one such enchantment attempt, whereas before it seemed closer to 50/50 on your average day,
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