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  1. Hello, so this may sound like a dumb question but I'll ask anyways. First off I wana say that I have a gladiator and also a Sin, now this post will mostly be related to pvp. When I'm playing my Sin while doing pvp I focus on trying to lock down my target stuns ect. Now my confusion comes in when playing my gladiator In PVP, what am I trying to do to the person obviously kill them but how? Am I trying to DPS hard knock them down, AOE? I don't understand how to play a glad effectively and attempting to learn as I feel like over all Glads are more useful then Sins are. Can s
  2. So I guess I'm missing something then, what's the advantage of a Sin then now a days? If they're not the highest DPS, and Glads can get comparable DPS but have way better heals, AOEs and are a lot more tankey.
  3. Hello! So I have a couple questions following- First of all I wasted Say I have both a glad and a Sin pretty equally geared with each other atm Sin slightly better. So whenever I'm doing instances with people they do DPS calculator and even when I'm playing my Sin their DPS is way higher then mine (Glads/Vandals) I'm curious, since Sins are meant to be one of the highest DPS classes in game is that over the course of a long boss fight or in short bursts say until bluffs wear off. I feel like I'm doing pretty good DPS while on my Sin till my buffs wear off but if I'm
  4. Do does pretty much everyone else use key bindings for skills? Does that side in their ability to stick close to their target? Also what about against caster classes how do sins fair also with glads?
  5. Hello, I've played aion for years not on and off, I recently returned about a month or two ago. I often find my self bouncing back and forth between my Sin and my glad for different reasons so thought maybe if I get some answers that would help me. Now for my questions- 1. Assuming you are equally geared/skilled with another person in pvp do both Sins and glads stand a good chance of winning against all the different classes? Example-when playing my glad I feel I can never keep up with anyone and it's very easy for people to escape when I'm on my glad. I am not good AT pvp
  6. Wow strange that a lot of these features have almost gone away? The only reason I would ever restart is just to attempt to relearn mostly combat but I feel like I could get the chains down/stigma skills pretty fast if I were talking with someone (another assassin) in game
  7. Is that at low levels also? Alright I'll check there thank you!!
  8. Why would leveling be faster now a days? I remember it was a grind getting to 65 before Great! I'm having a hard time finding a quest line I should follow now lol
  9. I'm sorry, so does this mean a different way other then shouting out in Sanctum? Alright I can do that, is 6.2 what we are currently in? So last night I removed all skills in my skill bar and plan to attempt to tackle building a new build from scratch today (part of what I was hoping to get assistance with)
  10. Hello! I play a level 65 Sin, it's been probably a year and a half since I have last played and decided to start playing again. A LOT has changed including a lot of my skills/stigmas. I feel like I'm almost brand new to the game again and don't have any friends/legion to help guide me to what I should be working on. I'm not asking for anything other then to see if there is anyone or a legion that would be willing to help me starting to again directions what I should be doing ect. I am eloys BTW. Thank you!
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