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  1. Is this game pay to win towards the endgame?
  2. Ive watched videos on this game and I think this game looks really fun but I would like to know how hard it is to get endgame pvp(mainly) and pve gear to compete with other players without spending any cash on this game.
  3. Okay so basically for pve just run PF an IDD untill I get the legendaries or uniques from those dungeons? and than refine/enhance and for pvp would be the same as usual get the genesis pvp gear, get it to +15 get the materials neded to upgrade it to the next tier? One of the items it seems the only way to get it is by getting pvp gear and dismanting it? is there no other way of getting the item, the one that you have to use with etium
  4. Okay so I got the full BCM set which is cool I didnt know that was even going on, to bad it doesnt let you choose between pole arm or greatsworrd So this armor set should be equivalent what set exactly? Like which armor set should I be going for next after this one.
  5. Whats BCM ? How do I go about getting these items through that? Thats pretty cool
  6. I was looking at getting a legendary weapon and it seems that I can only get a legendary weapon from the dungeon IDD which you can only do once a week? And than theres the rng chance of geting it, is there no other dungeon or other way of getting a good legendary pve dungeon? I heard crafting was another way but people say crafting is very hard and annoying?
  7. Can you buy thinggs that make enhancing easier like hardcore p2w things like that?
  8. Okay when I get to endgame is there anything I need to buy from the cash shop to stay on par ? Like some games have certain thigns you have to buy to keep up is this game like that aswell?
  9. #1 They can do fine with just having there either polearm or greatsword enhanced instead of doing both right? #2 How do they perform in pvp compared to templars? In 1v1 situations #3 And last question how are they in pve dungeons dps wise? Better than templars at dps or worse?
  10. Whats main tanking? And glad would be easier to gear how is it compared to templar in 1v1 pvp
  11. How is a glad compared to templar? Could you get away with just gearing there polearm ?
  12. So jsut use sword and shield skills basically and dont touch GS?
  13. So just work on sword and shield? And leave gs alone right? I guess greatswords are better used for zerker or something?
  14. I play as a templar and I just hit level 80 with him, I use a sword/shield and greatsword (usually I just use my greatsword ) so first thing I was planning on doing was gearing for pvp, am I supposed to gear both weapons? Like even after I get both genesis greatsword, sword and shield, would I have to enhance all 3? That just seems like way to much work
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