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  1. @Loki @Kibbelz I MUST SAY, IM REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH U GUYS, U GUYS JUST DONT CARE! This event is the worst thing i've ever seen in Aion.
  2. Feedback: Event Thread

    First: Events that add 150 PVE Buff is not cool, actually, it's a punch in the face. Second: We need events that can be really rewarded, we need ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONS, STIGMAS,OLD MOTIONS, PERMA MOUNTS, SKINS, ETC!
  3. First, thank you about the siege time, it's perfect! Second, the prestige also needs to be desirable, add some monthly rewards to it, like legendary transformations. Third,about the ARENAS, please bring back Harmony to the game, it's currently off the grid, and fix the rewards from ID to match the new patch, people are not doing it!
  4. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    Well! Events that have chance to get good items, such as Ultimate Contracts/ Dazzlings and special skill weapons and armours! Change the rewards from IDD/IB to match the new patch, people are not doing it anymore because they give nothing worth! RNG it's a big problem, for us that are playing for a long time it's difficult to put a stigma on +15 or even a Daeva Skill, imagine a NEW PLAYER, he's giving up soon as he find's out that he cant even have a plus +9. Runestones and Gems slots are also a problem, it's already to hard to get the gear, them they come with a slot that i dont need and cant even rerol on that! Item trades, for a long time we cant trade anything, i remember the time that the game was rich with people opening their stores on the main citys and everyone had a chance to get Kinah, now it's to hard, we cant trade anything, we are forced to put itens on broker just to have our money get sucked by those shugos. For the last, IMPROVE YOUR BCM STORE ( Where are the Dragon Motion/ The Rings of Ancient Magic or nice and old skins). Also the price it's to high, FOR EXAMPLE: That are 10x Ancient PVP Stones being selled for 2.1k NCoins, this is INSANE and dosent make any sense at all.