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  1. @Kibbelz@Loki It's important to say that these pvp arenas are not being valued currently. First point is about the time that disciplines are opening, for some players including the ones that live in south america are having problems to attend to it cause it's too late. It would be very good if we had an oportunity to enter on it two times in day for example. Second point is about the Harmonys that are not being used anymore, no rewards being given and i remember it was a great arena for players, where we could group up with our friends and fight for nice rewards and had a lot o fun
  2. @Kibbelz @Loki First of all, all the players have the right to speak the truth about the game, it's our right! Since the realease of the 7.7 patch that it's even in its first week, i had to see a lot of friends quiting the game, IN THE FIRST WEEK! A bunch of people in the LFG complaining about it too. No AP rewards, we have to wait 30 minutes in queue to ID/AD, just to get 180k AP and nothing else? How a new player can farm the new pvp set? I have spent 80M AP just yesterday and got NOTHING, not even a single piece. That reroll system is unfair and a punch in the face of every
  3. @Loki @Kibbelz I MUST SAY, IM REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH U GUYS, U GUYS JUST DONT CARE! This event is the worst thing i've ever seen in Aion.
  4. First: Events that add 150 PVE Buff is not cool, actually, it's a punch in the face. Second: We need events that can be really rewarded, we need ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIONS, STIGMAS,OLD MOTIONS, PERMA MOUNTS, SKINS, ETC!
  5. First, thank you about the siege time, it's perfect! Second, the prestige also needs to be desirable, add some monthly rewards to it, like legendary transformations. Third,about the ARENAS, please bring back Harmony to the game, it's currently off the grid, and fix the rewards from ID to match the new patch, people are not doing it!
  6. Well! Events that have chance to get good items, such as Ultimate Contracts/ Dazzlings and special skill weapons and armours! Change the rewards from IDD/IB to match the new patch, people are not doing it anymore because they give nothing worth! RNG it's a big problem, for us that are playing for a long time it's difficult to put a stigma on +15 or even a Daeva Skill, imagine a NEW PLAYER, he's giving up soon as he find's out that he cant even have a plus +9. Runestones and Gems slots are also a problem, it's already to hard to get the gear, them they come with a slot t
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