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  1. Game Size

    Thank you so much... It works
  2. Game Size

    I would like to know... what happen with my game.. I have the same configuracion.. with mi RANGER and CHANTER, however... with my chanter the size of all its normal but with my ranger everything is smaller. I attack image if someone knows what happens with them please help me!! Thanks Chanter... Well Ranger.. smaller
  3. Daevian Skill Crafting Bug?

    Thanks I will continue trying to get that I want
  4. Character Stats from Discord

    Thanks for each response, I thought that this function existed yet
  5. Hello everyone, anyone know if the daevian skilll that we craft with 100 genesis crystal and the another item (x6) is bugged?, Be cause, I always get the same daevian kill.
  6. Hello everyone, anyone know if exists some bot in discord that keep me know the stats of any character in aion, from discord... for example typing her/his @user in discord. I was in a legion where they had something like this, but it was long time ago. I appreciate if someone know about something like this and can tell me Thanks,