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  1. i didnt see some post about that but need be change now all quests of all maps can be reported like reward but the weekly of inggison need be too today i did one of this quests and what happend? an asmo take this camp and just done the quest but i cant report so the camp take 2 hours to be retaked this is too long if you need go to work or anywhere pls ncsoft do this change everyone will appreciate
  2. NcSoft need reduce the time of hiden mobs to 1 hour so we are more ppl not onli for farm gear and manastones We are farming ap for bitterthorn gear this gear is consuming more ap to get it we dont want wait 3 years to get this gear for pvp just now we are trying to play vs ppl that have ultimate transformation with legendary NOT ALL PAY FOR PLAY they can give an event to get ultimate transfo poor transfo but ultimate and they need reduce the TIME OF HIDENS to get ap a little fast with others farming ppl that come of his / her woks never will find a hiden so never will
  3. I WANT BUY MY MINION is not just have farm thousands melos for nothing and is not just that onli 1 person can buy at the day with this events they only want make aion the worst game in the world and now they pretend delete all and we can xchange this the next year... why??? and is not just that onli pay to win can get the better ultimate transfos because they pay thousands dolar in BCM i played for 9 years and now aion has become in the worst mmo in the woooolrd since now aion will lose ppl day to day if continue do this
  4. the problem is not this program >_> the problem is that AION become in a pay to win game if you want win pay - if you want win use the program they make aion in the worst game with this transformations if you want be "pro noob" buy a transformation so if you cant be a noob forever ever ever ever ever... >_> aion was a good game when all ppl have same "stats" i remember when we craft our potions and scrolls to run and attack fast but now they give you all in lugbug... now you dont need play for play...
  5. What you pretend from GMs when they say you "on internet you have mpre another games waiting for you" they dont want make changes on this game or restore some thinks that make better the game more thinks are untrade into ware account we need retore personal broker but they will never will understand this they onli know say we cant do changes on the game this is NA not korea they can ask to make this changes but they dont want do this
  6. Come on NC is your sever you have the license of this Game (Aion) you can speak with korea to make some changes you have avaliable make alters to help our main chars and we cant use our items of this alts to help our mains this is the reason that i speak for all ppl in this game we know you have problems with some ppl but this is not the reason to make all untradeable we are the owners of our items this is the reason that we need the restore the personal broker so if we want trade some item to an especific ppl we can and we need trade via broker and this make problems
  7. The problem of why I start this topic is about the level restriction in low-level quests to high-level ones that makes that as a mentor you cannot receive quests because they are lvl 80 since there is a restriction of lvl 75 I am a person who sometimes helps others by killing mobs for them but I cannot receive the quests and then share them again that makes whoever has to help go and return thousands of times to the place where said quest is being done and that should be changed They should erase that restriction since just being able to carry them does not affect anything
  8. Like GMs say go there... in internet you have other games waiting for you ... but here in danaria ppl we play and we have alts to get our things doing instances and eventstrying get things and not everyone can pay in aion to buy anything
  9. Come on tell me you don't want the enchant to be changed so that they are tradeable as well as you surely want the private store to return Those are things that can be changed without the supervision of the Koreans
  10. Im talking for all ppl that see this... we need again the enchants stones tradeable in back in the game and i think that more ppl that see this have like me more enchants stuck in others chars into the account more i think that have problems to gear his chars and not all have his chars +15 like pay to win players if we can get this again we will do instances without discrimination when we havent our gear +15 if you like this leave a comment not onli pay to win can be geared ppl
  11. As I see, everyone is having trouble getting some items quickly from this event What I see also is that many people are going to kill some minibosses like heiron's dragon that drop nuts cannot be looted in a group In inggison (titan coins) that when they fall they can be looted as a group and everyone benefits In heiron, wold mobs can only be looted by a single person and have a cooldown of 20 min. 3 chanels 20 min each boss 1 single person > _> could change so that the whole group / alliance can loot the nuts
  12. How about NCsoft taking into account people's decision to make changes? it would be good if they do an enquesta to really know that people want to change things such as the private market and trades only that without the community moving as it should be they are not going to do anything they only say that the changes have to be requested as a community but as I said before if they don't do it NcSoft less So ... NCsoft I ask you as part of this gamer community to do a survey so that you know what changes people want ... que les parece si NCsoft tubiera en cuenta la adecicion de la gen
  13. veo el deceo en la gente de que vuelvan antiguas cosas de aion pero no lo hacen ver... no demuestran quieren pero tienen miedo a decirlo... si las cosas no se expresan como tienen que ser nunca se dan a hacer sus pensamientos no salen a la luz y no se plasman si quieren estos cambios... quienes realmente lo quieren haganle saber a NcSoft repostiando esto dejando su comentario debajo y haciendole saber a ncsoft por que estan escribiendo -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. por escribir al soporte de aion me responden: si quieren modificar algo se tiene que hacer en comunidad ocea hacerle ver a NC que la gente quiere realmente cambiar restaurar trade tienda privada entre otros pero la gente solo me responde de manera a la que nadie le importa pero se que mas del 50% del server son latinos y realmente quieren ciertos cambios hay que hacerles ver que los queremos hacer un comentario positivo dale un like no les cuesta nada solo es ver esto y demostramos que queremos y que lo queremos ya cambios que deceen comentenlo aqui para que ellos lo v
  15. Aion need again the old trade come back more need trade things like kinah potions and other things... and more want again the private merchant so the broker feed is too xpensive and we can sell our things when we want in the time that we want some times i think aion want gobern the ppl that play and this is not correct more times i want kinah in other chars so i wast all in this chars and i cant move from their locations WHY I CANT TRADE KINAH TO THIS CHARS?? whats the problem with this?? if i make potions i cant send via mail or sell via private store (like broke
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