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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 11, 2019

    This makes no sense from my POV, I wonder what's the reason/logic behind it
  2. GP From Siege Not Included in Rankings

    I don't think it is a problem... Since ever the total amount in rankings was counted at 12pm server time everyday. So if, after that time passes, it is not counted, it is a problem. However, if it gets counted like it has always been then you just forgot about that.
  3. Back from 4.8 asking for help

    Sure you can you don’t have to ask (read don’t jebait the trolls here) 1) if you mean tailoring as the old crafting that’s gone for good. However, some people opt for crafted gear from Aetherforging, only craft left 2) Stigmas are the same as in 4.8 (taking that you played during 4.8 provided the title). Manastones are new with the 6.0 update which revamped most of the stats anyway and removed quite a good number of them. Ancient grade you can drop in the open world, higher grades come from Pandora etc. 3) just do campaigns and dark blue quests, it has been streamlined so you shouldn’t have any problems hitting lv 80. As you’re returnee get the box from the pink quests you should have received to get some basic gear. 4) What balaur skins? Most of the skins remained in the game but are not obtainable anymore.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 13, 2019

    (Repaired the typo "a new even" -> "a new event") Waiting for the new event and the reason why you disabled transfers. "issue" can be anything. And the event we have now is an old one.
  5. Hahaha

    @StaNooblaitK-KT Wanna hear another funny story? by the end of 5.8 on question about stigma system I was given information about PRE 4.8 stigma system
  6. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    tl;dr there's simply no easy way... and support is garbage as cheesecake stated. When I asked support about some info about stigmas by the end of 5.8 period I was provided with information about stigmas PRE 4.8 patch... so yeah, make your own picture about support... + COPY PASTA
  7. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    To answer your question, the ping of 600(+-) I used to have at any siege pre 6.2 even with so many ppl there, I usually play with smth between 200-300 but at siege (if I even have time to go) goes like 15k+ and a DC can happen within 2 mins
  8. Arena of Harmony | Queue Into Your Alts

    I wonder what rank if you're talking about, if you mean competition ranking or army officer ranking. If you mean competition ranking that's a nice way to fix it since those ppl with 2k competition points won't be matched against their alts with like idk 800 points? You can also add ELO so that the bigger the difference is the less gain the winner with more points (and if the 1 with low points win he gets a ton of points) with the other side losing the same amount of points. If you meant army officer ranking that won't work, myself I have like 90k GP but can't keep army rank due to sieges being like at 4am for me and there's many ppl like it, just look at the ranking list where player around 300th place have just a few GP compared to what it used to be (~80k?)
  9. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    So you're telling me that a little rise in population would raise my ping from 600 to 10-15k? If that's the case that means the population must have risen by X times to achieve that.. the problem here won't be that few ppl, you can't explain that huge ping spikes with +100ppl at siege
  10. Can't play during Siege? Any help?

    Let's talk more about the network issue than CPU.... what about this: before and during 5.8 I could do siege without any problem.... After 6.2 I get DC within 2-3 mins... (and it's not a CPU issue!)
  11. Computer Freezes at 40% Load

    What you're describing looks like HW problem/drivers.... you will have to try this so you can get to know what's going on. After each point reboot and try if it goes up. if you get to point 4; it depends on results you will get 1) Check if your system is up to date (windows, drivers, etc) 2) New GPU can sometimes mean problems.. was the new windows installed after the GPU was installed? Anyway uninstall all the GPU drivers via DDU, reboot and intall them from official source (not msi.com but nvidia site) 3) mapped devices could have been lost by shutting down the services, if nothing above helped I'd recommend making new windows installation (+ drivers, updates etc) 4) If even then it's freezing, you'll have to run some stress test and see if computer crashes or not, mainly GPU/RAM stress test, if it crashes, it's gonna be HW released (Bluescreen is considered crash) You can check your RAM by Memtest (error test, can cause crashes), in case of stresstesting RAM you can use Prime95. And for GPU I'd recommend some stress test like Furmark. Feel free to use any other if you have a favorite one Hope this helps. PS.: the things you tried are related to totally different errors, you weren't experiencing any of them
  12. game wont start

    maybe try to describe what's happening or show us an error message if you get one, there can be several scenarios... Have you even tried fixes in this thread like renaming aion.bin in bin64 to anything else?
  13. Siege buff again ?!?!

    you still get it wrong... If I start when asmo have lv 5: Asmo-Ely 5-0 4-0 3-0 2-0 1-0 0-0 0-1 0-2 .... not lv 5 instantly it always shifts 1 Lv towards the losing faction but hell yeah the generators not buffing gates give ely such a huge advantage, that should be fixed
  14. How about them Enchanting Rates in 6.2?

    It's "RNG RNG RNG" that's what I tell ppl who ask me about enchanting anyway was that on NA or EU? I managed to get legendary Genesis crystal weapon to +15 already (~40 stones maybe?) but it greatly depends on RNG... Myself I got 12 fails in a row when trying to enchant ancient piece 10->11 @Ele-DN it won't help you much as 6.5 increases only the success rate for ancient gear with ancient stone, others are like 3% which not much
  15. crashes since 10/31/2018

    Since the update to xigncode which happened on wednesday some of us experience send-log crashes very frequently. It usually happens when I wanted to do smth with grp or after entering an instance. I've experienced about 5-6 crashes today. Before this little update I was gitting maybe 1-2 send-log crashes a month. Can you please investigate this issue please? It's kinda annoying and it's also kinda difficult to play conveniently when this happens so often
  16. Suggestions to improve

    @Kubei-DN I'm kinda worried about availability of enchantment stones and the Fighting Spirit Fragments (aka the stars needed for PvP equipment promotion) Enchanting While ancient gear is doable to +15 but when we run out of the enchantment stones from the exchange legendary and ultimate gear will become kinda impossible to enchant as the sources are quite a bit limited of Legendary and Ultimate stones. (Ancient gear is gonna be way easier to enchant in 6.5 using ancient stones only, this is supposed to be focused on legendary and ultimate gear enchanting mainly) Don't forget there are no supplements and the only thing preventing gear from going down is usage of ultimate stones. Fighting Spirit Fragments The 2nd thing I'd add are the Fighting Spirit Fragments. I do agree it should be more difficult but when I tried to farm 100 of those to get my ancient weapon to legendary I ended up farming stones for 4+ hours with 100% drop rate buff and ended with 60 of them. I'm not saying to implement them in game, I'm kinda thinking of reducing the mats needed for armor/weapon/.. codices. Currently it is set up as 5 stones + 5 scrolls -> 1 codex where the problem is the number stones. PS: what kinda surprised me you need 2 ultimate stones to make 1 legendary and 2 legendary stones to make 1 ancient. As I said, I do understand that it shouldn't be totally easy. On the other hand I don't think that ppl want to do this "grind fest" for every piece of the gear and each piece has to be upgraded twice.
  17. cannot regist xigncode module

    Man, the topic right under your topic at the time you created it... https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/3239-cannot-regist-xigncode-module/?do=findComment&comment=33745
  18. attributes and timing of transformations

    Why? It's simple... the transformation was broken and many ppl, including me, were quite worried about it. NC reduced the times and stats to make it more balanced so the guy who spends $$ doesn't have as big advantage as it would be with original settings. And I do like the change NA made to it
  19. How are your transformation contract pulls? (research)

    you cannot ultimate grade transformation from the contract
  20. XINGCODE3 Problem solved. Fix here.

    @Strifex-DN I strongly advice not to use this because the solution he post are instruction to bypass xigncode, not to run game without problems. Bypassing Xigncode is against Forums CoC and can lead to perma ban.

    Prestige pack was revamped. Please see https://www.aiononline.com/news/prestige-pack-recurring-subscription-change
  22. Cannot Regist XignCode module

    Next time try scrolling a bit down, it's the 4th topic under yours. There's discussion and solution posted too Giving link https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/3239-cannot-regist-xigncode-module/?do=findComment&comment=33745
  23. "Cannot Regist Xigncode Module"

    You're right the problem is specific to Windows 10 due to the exploit protections in Windows defender which W7 doesn't have. Defender prevents Xigncode from starting up as it makes a capsule which protects AION in RAM and have quite specific exceptions/coding which these protections don't like. @Cyan Update from what I know: The patch which made xigncode compatible with windows 10, was a minipatch or did it change the version of xigncode? If it didn't change the version number then I think the problem could be "minipatch missing" The problem with this is you're bypassing which is strictly forbidden. I advice everybody not to use this if you don't want get banned (NC can do that if they want). And for you man, I advice you to to delete this since this is against CoC. @Cyan am I right with this?
  24. Xigncode cant register

    Go to the main thread where is solution and discussion reagarding this issue. Giving link
  25. "Cannot Regist Xigncode Module"

    It's a temporary fix and it does not even affect everybody now... anyway it's your choice. @Cyan maybe I think what could cause the problem. It seems only new players are affected, ask your development team to make a NEW CLEAN installation of aion on some PC and check the version of Xigncode3 (if it's different from 73480 there's the issue) and please, is it possible to pin this topic? there're like 2 or more other topics covering the same so we don't have 70 topics on this Btw others, who used the fix I described above, can you tell me what version Xigncode shows you the information bar? (lower right corner, hover with mouse over the white X in blue background and tell me what it says) @EchoingHearts-KT @Strifex-DN