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  1. Dear Suggestion Box, I've been doing camps and quests in Lakrum to get all my Ancient Herald Gear up to +15 but there are too few ways to earn Fighting Spirit. I think this might be game for me. Maybe legions are keeping this instance in-house, or maybe mid and left are intimidating too many people. I would run it with my legion except they became intolerable and we parted ways. I would get it from Idgel Dome but my gear is only Ancient Herald and it's too unlikely that I'll win in there. There's always Illumiel's Brawl, but again the chances are pretty slim. Goodbye for now. I think I'll log in a little less each day. Sincerely, Avulcron
  2. Player Created Legions

    Oh, so it's not so bad after all. Good comment!
  3. Player Created Legions

    NO, no, wait... I knew something about legions was bothering me. Apparently, the conquering legion in Lakrum gets to purchase Legendary Enchantment Stones from a vendor inside. You do realize that if someone with no legion conquers Lakrum Fortress then everyone with legion coins will be able to buy Legendary PVP Enchantment Stones.
  4. Player Created Legions

    Ok, I agree and I’m glad I asked. I think I’ve made up my mind. I want a new legion uniform.
  5. Player Created Legions

    Wow, a lot of feedback with a lot of things that would get in the way that I didn't think of. A lot of rude people, too. I thought maybe automatic uniforms but then almost everyone is in a legion so almost everyone would have one on. Let's flip the script, what would any of you do different to the legion system?
  6. Player Created Legions

    I like that we have legions and we get to name them and pick who gets to be in them et cetera, but currently our legions are based entirely on power-playing and who knows the game mechanics. I don't have anything specific in mind yet but I think a good direction to go in would be to make legions more role-play based. I know, that sounds awful but currently our legions are only getting in each other's way. Say one legion flips an arty, or takes a camp no other legion can activate the artifact. If a non-legion player takes a camp or arty anyone of the same race can activate the artifact. That's a point of contention. I'd like to see legions go in a different direction. Class-based legions, legions where all the members specialize in a certain weapon, name-based legions, legions that are themed aesthetically rather than just finding a legion with a leader who knows the mechanics and obeying his/her every order. That's too much like a nine-to-five job at The Home Depot. LOL. This would encourage role-play and let players explore what it's like to be someone else and at least in this way the game would be more than just a big calculator that adds, subtracts, and does greater than and less than.
  7. Dorinerk's Wardrobe

    Dear Aion GMs, I fanboy Dorinerk's wardrobe and will spend money to keep my chars looking their best. All I'm asking is that you do something similar for weapons/shields. Sincerely, Avulcron-KT
  8. Nice Changes, Or So I thought...

    OK, SOH!! Aion called me back because crafting was made easier. "Nice!", I thought. Maybe now I'll have fun playing the game. HOWEVER, I happened upon the catch. See, when hot, new maps come out they're full of competition for mats. So I'm still stuck because none of the mats I need are in a peaceable zone such as Enshar and when 7.0 is released crafting is changed so that anyone who wants the mats has to compete with the opposite faction for them. MOST OF THE opposite faction doesn't even craft. They just roam around pewpewing at anyone they can find who is a PC making the entire experience of crafting rewardless and empty. I guess the joke's on me. I'm the schizo. I'm the black sheep. I'm the one who just wants to be left alone.
  9. The Unyielding Weps/Armor

    I really like the unyielding orb on my character but I can't put it in the wardrobe since it's not really a 'skin'. Could you make it one? In case I have the name wrong it comes from the flaming oscura in Kaldor.
  10. Removed Content

    I have a Tinkerbell pet that used to have the loveliest sound. It got removed. I used to fly free without getting confused and swirling. Got removed! When I bought things from the the BCM the shugo always had a spunky attitude and would say, "Be careful of tail!" Got removed. Remember when the Gods were so real you could pray to them? Mostly removed.

    All SM buffs expire after a certain amount of time. Every other class in the game has ACTIVE skills that they can just turn and leave on. No fair.
  12. Suprior Manstone Ore NEW DROPRATE

    Adjust the drop rate on this as in turn it up so I can craft???
  13. Couple More Things

    I hate it when I'm flying or running through an area and the useless War Quest pops up and I can't see where I'm going. I hate it when I'm flying and my character does that pointless spinning thing that was implemeneted a few years back. I hate it when I can't get crafting mat'ls because I'm too high level. I can see not getting xp, but crafting mat'ls? Really?
  14. Make Superior Manastone Ore...

    the floating girl... but then how do I level my aetherforging if I don't have any superior manastone ore? I can't use these high level ones because my skill is too low.
  15. Gogonerk's Race!

    I didn't like this instance at first. But once I got used to it I think it's a great idea especially if you're not inclined to really compete PvP and all you want are your crafting mat'l back but now you're too high level to get them. Sorry, got distracted. Anyway, I just got hooked on the last big jump and got ressed at the beginning. Do you really think that's fair? I don't.