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  1. I have a Tinkerbell pet that used to have the loveliest sound. It got removed. I used to fly free without getting confused and swirling. Got removed! When I bought things from the the BCM the shugo always had a spunky attitude and would say, "Be careful of tail!" Got removed. Remember when the Gods were so real you could pray to them? Mostly removed.
  2. All SM buffs expire after a certain amount of time. Every other class in the game has ACTIVE skills that they can just turn and leave on. No fair.
  3. Adjust the drop rate on this as in turn it up so I can craft???
  4. I hate it when I'm flying or running through an area and the useless War Quest pops up and I can't see where I'm going. I hate it when I'm flying and my character does that pointless spinning thing that was implemeneted a few years back. I hate it when I can't get crafting mat'ls because I'm too high level. I can see not getting xp, but crafting mat'ls? Really?
  5. the floating girl... but then how do I level my aetherforging if I don't have any superior manastone ore? I can't use these high level ones because my skill is too low.
  6. I didn't like this instance at first. But once I got used to it I think it's a great idea especially if you're not inclined to really compete PvP and all you want are your crafting mat'l back but now you're too high level to get them. Sorry, got distracted. Anyway, I just got hooked on the last big jump and got ressed at the beginning. Do you really think that's fair? I don't.
  7. So I finally got +10 on all my essence core! Yay! I accomplished something Aion. Then about a day later I read somewhere (YouTube) that essence is being removed from the game. Boooo.. and that we will be "reimbursed" for our essence core according to their level. I'd like something that doesn't change so often. Also, all our professions are being removed 6.0. That means that the hundreds of millions of kinah that I spent leveling alchemy will go right down the tubes. I want to be reimbursed for my craft too. I still use it! I use it to make flight recov. pots. since scrolls are bein
  8. If I were to make this game even better I would create all new classes with new skills for high level players who feel their classes are stale or regret the choice Munin game them, a little. For example, a Mage can choose to be an SM or Sorcerer at the low level fork, and then again choose another subclass at a higher level. Mage then SM then Wizard or Mage then Sorcecrer then Magician or what have you, but I don't work at NCSoft and I'm a bad drawer. Have a nice day.
  9. I can't get the Mechanerk quests in the luna weekly. My level is too high.
  10. You need to give me my money back for some of these stigmas. Shackle of Vulnerability, it's a curse. Clerics remove it over with a skill that has like 2 sec. cd. Emnity Swap, trades enmity with your summoned spirit, NO. Cloaking Word, I can't move except for super slow and it cloaks the whole group not just me. Withering Gloom removes like 2k hp and mp for a whole minute but clerics remove it. Spirit Burn to Ashes, destroys your spirit but inflicts damage to a number of foes. Like I really want to kill my own spirit. Spirit Wall of Protection, spirit wall of does next-to-nothing. Magic's
  11. I think this game is bubble-butt-backwards. Why can I only acquire crafting materials at LOW levels?
  12. I feel like augmentation is a rip-off. It goes down and you have to refill it. scam.
  13. I think this is unfair. We already buy like crazy from the store but now if I fail enchanting this item it is destroyed. Not at all fair. I should have stuck to PvE items or neutral items. Starting to question the worth of the activity of playing this game, in all seriousness.
  14. I'm SM my spirit gets stuck on the TP in Ophidian Warpath AND in Hall of Tenacity after TP between rounds. It's been like this for at least a year. Suffering in silence, Avulcron
  15. "Lower than AP 75"? The spinel medal wings in marchutan's priory don't have any PVP statistics whatsoever. What 75 AP wings are you referring to?
  16. Why does it seem like the 24 mos. reward PVP wings are better than the 36 mos. reward wings? Am I uneducated as to which is better or does anyone agree with me? GM?
  17. I think this instance is going away with 6.0 It is the hardest, slowest, grindiest instance. I'm not enjoying myself not even a little bite. I can't walk. It's super slow. The monsters keep killing me. I'm thinking of quitting aion because this instance is like finding out you've stepped on a piece of gum someone has recently expectorated.
  18. I would like an in-game calculator that would do some simple math. Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, MR, etc. I would also like to be able to see armor hypothetically enchanted to different levels before I buy it. It's hard to know if buying new gear is a good idea unless you can see it enchanted to the level the gear you already have on is.
  19. What will our temporary names look like, in general? What would happen if I didn't use my name change and tried to, well, keep the temporary name?
  20. I need some way of knowing what my rewards are going to be before I apply them. There's a mount I want for one of my characters but I'm afraid I'll end up giving it to another who already had a mount. Same story for certain pets and especially the 2-year PVP wings.
  21. I think that mounts should be upgradable, tradeable, storeable in account warehouse. They should be dyable and there should be two versions of each mount one dark (asmodian) and one light (elyos). This should go for just about everything in the game. I have a flying pagati, for instance. I would like him to be black not white. Why is there only one version of him?
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