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  1. Also , Why they didn't not give the 6month lugbug quest for ultimate transformation ?
  2. Lol , i wish they just give cloth classes suicide skills when they face gladiators so that somehow it will just give sense.
  3. The thing is you know that somehow you made a mistake and all mistake got consequences , but also you know that this is also a gift . Playing aion right now is like a jail time for those who just play because they love the lore and history of the game. The gameplay is dead as it is. Just move on and be free think of it like its a gift that none of us here that stay will get.
  4. Stop using the toxic excuse and filling something on his shoes. If hes that excusable why the rest with the same excuse as him are not banned yet? Is he just part of this show off of NCSTAFF so we will think that they are doing something to minorities ingame? 1st off the price was still questionable even it went 3.5b the materials + it wasn't yet restored + its a chromablaster which most of the players now is a vandal or got a vandal toon. 1hour of thinking lol wouldn't take that long if someone sees it , Im sure it will be easily sold. If he got banned i think he will be presented with dec
  5. How can you be sure that it was an hour in brooker?
  6. Well they might check your IP address and the broker seller then if it matched well you deserve it. If not too bad for you. As far as i know they truly investigating it seeing still some know players having it still can play. As well as you they also got the same reasoning that they just bought it in brooker . There is few tricks to identify that it was intentionally given to you via brooker . 1. IP address 2. If you buy 1-10s after it was putted in brooker. 3. If it was putted in a lower price than it should be. 4. Chat log
  7. It might be that empty but theres alot of good events going on and by far i was playing aion it is the best set of events. I know that u felt bad they cant share those info about paragon exploit and so am I even so its fine as long as you know that you are playing a fair game, winning doesn't always have the taste of victory some of cheaters really never tasted it, its just their delusion making it up for them.
  8. If NCSOFT really cares on the game system instead of removing auto hunt / white dragon weapon skill and etc they should realize that paragon weapon is not good for free to play players. I got the kinah to do it but its too much was planing to buy one but im glad i changed my mind.
  9. Lol , if they were involve in this thats not surprising specially they changed the terms of agreement so that this kinds of attack to players dont happen. He said he bought it in brooker ? Lol i was in lfg trying to buy a +10 paragon weapon for 50b and i aint seen no one wanna sell it.
  10. STAT CUBIC UPGRADE NPC !! and x10 Stat cubic mob drop :((
  11. You wont get banned lol, i think this egg restoration is available since the old event , Just bad because i dont have any restoration tokens right now. yeah transformation is for all character in the account , u can get 3 apostle transformation selection. which great
  12. https://www.facebook.com/timelessangel.oi/videos/10223492187867257 i got 3 boxes here i think the rate is good
  13. this classic thing might not happen due to it will destroy again the subscription based in korea like it did in the early days of Aion. The downfall of aion before happens when they release it in NA so this might not happen guys.
  14. yeah sadly i cant edit it out. also forgot the class balance . even though i put it out there , nothings gonna change Aion is not their priority anymore. but lets hope for a good updates.
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