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  1. SAD , No harvest revel event we waited like a year to complete this transform collections Delay rewards , Delay events , Delay lag ...
  2. Haloween event maybe??? Dang !! Classic drain all your braincells you forgot haloween event we waited a year to get the haloween transformations !!! !
  3. what happen to forrest auto hunt zone ?? just curious cause i miss it badly .
  4. During last year haloween event you gave some event with the people who used transformation contracts use , i just wanna suggest maybe next week or next month we get the same event or even better 100 transformation contract used = 1 apostle selection box . Since contracts can be purchasable with gold sands and farmed in dungeon we can normal poor players can participate while u can also put some merch in BCM . Because lately we didn't event felt it was Aion anniversary it wasn't in the air or felt like we are left behind by the devs . No answer about 8.0 , No answer about Afk exp farm in forre
  5. 15 is the deadline , rewards for 15th will be given at 22 . (10 extractor only) the next upcoming weeks will be different kind of requirements you need to meet but same reward that is written bellow.
  6. Why they keep trying to do this mail system in rewards of an event , i'am scared it will became a normal process of everything with their lack of dating schedules on delivering rewards we just gonna end up frustrated and stress to this cycle . Anyways Happy anniversary Aion and to all the players survived every pay to win trials in game. To the blind , deaf , and disabled devs too happy anniversary we know that your company amputated your hands before hiring you and we wish you Happy anniversary too.
  7. No , it will give you 1 piece of material to fuse cause it needed 2x of cat piece , so your 16k NCODE will just count as 1 cat transformation you need 34k code if u really want to have both . Also the Cat 64 types contract were not sure if there is a possibility that it will give cat transformation because the current transformations contract right now is same (64)
  8. Lol 8k ncoin is 100$ x 2 if you want the cat transformation = 200$ x2 = 400$ Ez money NC hahahahahahaa ,, its so hard to free to play against pay 2 win players those collection stats they are giving along with it is too much .. i wish there is some other way to get it other than instant paying .....grrrr
  9. What happen to the game or its just me who got this crashing issues? i got 50x crashing right now never happened before.. if any case that my ping reducer doing this i'am using battle ping.
  10. Also , Why they didn't not give the 6month lugbug quest for ultimate transformation ?
  11. Lol , i wish they just give cloth classes suicide skills when they face gladiators so that somehow it will just give sense.
  12. The thing is you know that somehow you made a mistake and all mistake got consequences , but also you know that this is also a gift . Playing aion right now is like a jail time for those who just play because they love the lore and history of the game. The gameplay is dead as it is. Just move on and be free think of it like its a gift that none of us here that stay will get.
  13. Stop using the toxic excuse and filling something on his shoes. If hes that excusable why the rest with the same excuse as him are not banned yet? Is he just part of this show off of NCSTAFF so we will think that they are doing something to minorities ingame? 1st off the price was still questionable even it went 3.5b the materials + it wasn't yet restored + its a chromablaster which most of the players now is a vandal or got a vandal toon. 1hour of thinking lol wouldn't take that long if someone sees it , Im sure it will be easily sold. If he got banned i think he will be presented with dec
  14. How can you be sure that it was an hour in brooker?
  15. Well they might check your IP address and the broker seller then if it matched well you deserve it. If not too bad for you. As far as i know they truly investigating it seeing still some know players having it still can play. As well as you they also got the same reasoning that they just bought it in brooker . There is few tricks to identify that it was intentionally given to you via brooker . 1. IP address 2. If you buy 1-10s after it was putted in brooker. 3. If it was putted in a lower price than it should be. 4. Chat log
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