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  1. STAT CUBIC UPGRADE NPC !! and x10 Stat cubic mob drop :((
  2. You wont get banned lol, i think this egg restoration is available since the old event , Just bad because i dont have any restoration tokens right now. yeah transformation is for all character in the account , u can get 3 apostle transformation selection. which great
  3. https://www.facebook.com/timelessangel.oi/videos/10223492187867257 i got 3 boxes here i think the rate is good
  4. this classic thing might not happen due to it will destroy again the subscription based in korea like it did in the early days of Aion. The downfall of aion before happens when they release it in NA so this might not happen guys.
  5. yeah sadly i cant edit it out. also forgot the class balance . even though i put it out there , nothings gonna change Aion is not their priority anymore. but lets hope for a good updates.
  6. Just wanna quick ask you guys cause they might know whats the issue of people quiting out the game
  7. Events / days past since they release the priority list but yet nothing is resolve for free to play players . Most of the good amazing free to play players mostly got tired and quit already. I just hope everyone is alright this days.
  8. As for today i purchased a 8k BCM to try out and see the posibilities and at 7200 coins and 60 boxes i only got 600 coins the rate of 500 boxes is a luck same as transformation ultimate so i say that this is a total scam. I'am here to say that coin boxes is not worth purchasing. goodluck guys
  9. I just notice today by opening the old luna pouches i have it doesnt drop the materials it used to be. No prior notice about this pouches but sure the contaminated was indeed said that it wont "Drop" luna materials. Does't told us about the pouches itself wont be dropping materials , as i thought it wont give pouches so i still untouched mine. I don't care about the contaminated now but please restore or give us back the luna we once farmed before. Its unfair that it was just removed without a proper notice when cyan before we got the perfect notice like "this stuff will be removed , make sure
  11. How dare you delete my tiamantra keys i saved them for 3years and just poof them out like that .. i felt like u stole something from me now makes me sad
  12. NC butthurt blocked me... DEAR NCSOFT YOU DONT DESERVE MY GOODSIDE !! be better and ill treat you better or ignore you while scamming people believing you are an official server but felt like the worst private server there is.
  13. I wonder why they remove the anti hack system now that its gone they are banning random players without proper reasons with it they will just send you some links about their agreement then no proof or anything on how , one of my friend created toons and new account to farm stones with luna for this event cause it barely undoable with just playing like a normal being . without a hint they block all his account no reasons / no hack / no etc . he just loggin to get luna so he will have the new weapons provided for pay 2 wins.. Fact that they are banning permanently the non-pay 2 win players a
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