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  1. Aion May Preview

    Would a rewards list kill you for the event tomorrow?
  2. Updated: Return to Tiamaranta's Eye Event Reward List

    Agreed. It's straight up BS. We finally had the community online and excited (did anyone check the number of people online? It was amazing), and as soon as ncsoft realized they could lose money from this they took it down immediately, screwing the people that spent all day collecting and didn't turn in, but rewarding those who already turned in. We finally have a good event, a good map back, open world pvp on a scale that I haven't seen in years when Sunyaka (sp?) spawned, and ncsoft does what it does best...screws us over thinking only of themselves. So you screwed up the mechanics and want to fix it, fine...but at the VERY LEAST you need to allow those of us with coins already to exchange them at the same rate offered before. Then you can take the 6 months you normally do, to fix the eye...losing more members then you already have. If you want to keep the community alive throwing in a survey with one of those new magnificent minion contracts(6 type) with a guaranteed A would be a great place to start. You have a serious PR problems and it would be great to see you take steps to try to improve it, instead of being content to squeeze out every last dollar you can before the game dies...which is what you appear to have been doing for quite some time. SHAKING MY DAMN HEAD. -PhizzPewPew People farmed massive amounts of omegas and temperings from smoldering fire temple in a single day and the economy didn't collapse, it thrived. People are never going to STOP needing omega's, it will just drive people to plus up their gear higher and higher, roll new toons and gear them up as well..etc, etc. Besides, the last thing this community needs is to nyerk off more people and lose more members. This event had people excited and coming out of the woodwork again. At what point is that more important? The event can and probably should be nurfed, but taken away without letting half the population exchange when half already had was just plain stupid and rude.
  3. Is this your first AION update? The servers aren't live yet, and if you bothered to click the twitter link for live updates you would see it's been delayed 30 minutes. NOW : On to the real question. Am I the only one that didn't blow by these grey wolf accessory NPC's being added in Iluma and Norsvold? I'd love to see a gear list available from these NPC's?
  4. WOW. I have several suggestions / questions? Big question. WHEN WILL THESE WEEKS or THIS WEEK START? Next WED. after maintenance? Does that mean we will get multiple weeks of 3x exp? or does on prize trump the ones below it? Will we be able to use XP amulets in conjunctions with these buffs? Will you cap XP able to be earned on adma/TTC/DL/FP like you did with double XP weekend. As for possible extra rewards. I don't think there's anything more frustrating then trying to get the level A minion you want (sheba) and plus it up. 10Bil spent right now and you might get 20 cute minions? with zero guarantee of getting any A's. much less the one you want. You could make them a chance drop on defeating certain bosses. Or getting a certain amount of PVP kills in one day. That will give us a taste of 6.0. I'm sure other people have great idea's. I'm look thinking about what would be great for me and some others I know! Another possible idea is to bring back kumuki cave as a reward. even if just for a week. -PhizzPewPew / PhizzNoHeals.
  5. 5.8 Patch Notes?

    Unless I missed the official patch notes post somewhere, in which case I apologize, when can we expect to see them? It's two days away. So...sometime tomorrow night I'm assuming?