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  1. @Cyan We're unable to sell items to any merchant/the sell function in the inventory, gives the system message that the weekly kinah limit of 0 kinah has been exceeded: https://imgur.com/a/tdQWpmi
  2. @Cyan we've had 5.6 for quite a while now, would be great to see them made accessible for people soon. As pointed out, EU has had them for a while now (as they got them with the 5.6 update) while we're still waiting on a lot of skins (and mounts) not only from 5.0+ patches but even before that.
  3. At least we'll get them, was worried we wouldn't get them at all like a bunch of other skins/mounts..
  4. @Hourglass-SLThey are actual hairstyles, on eu servers they are however in place as a ticket rather than being available in character creation. http://imgur.com/9BrGb1t
  5. Hi just wondering when we'll get the new hairstyles introduced with 5.6 (as seen in the video below) along with some of the new skins, would be great to see them on bcm (and from an event too) very soon.
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