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  1. Lore Quesitions from a CBT Founder

    wow a recap from 1.x huh ... lol I will try though aion wiki does have most of the lore Lephar tries to recruit/convince you around lvl 50 ...and depending on which side you are he taunts you with knowing who you actually are ..the memories you've forgotten. After that jump to a new land it is time to fight tiamat the weakest dragon lord. She is working with Lephar which you learn is also Israphel, empyrean lord of space( creator of the aethertech and gunners) who didn't die when the towers collapsed and is searching for Siel's(Empyreian lord of time,creator is the muses and Vandals, who did die trying to detain the collapse of the tower) relics. You help out and kill tiamat.. on another quest you find one of Siel's relics do a quest and watch Siel's spirit take Israphel out of the picture. Berita(another dragon lord) comes in.. he is the one who blocked Tiamat's cry for help to the other dragon lords and let her be killed. Mostly vengeance on Tiamat for killing his lover to take his place. During this time you meet up with the Reians and their leader Kharun who wants to force the elyos and asmos to work together against the balaur. Therefor there were many places where there was no pvp in Sarpan . While at some point Kharun disappears and the lands are attacked by baular and the alliance dissolves. Beritra is still running around with his own mysterious plot you need to figure out, unfortunately when you arrive to another new land you are knocked unconscious in the battle. You wake up 2 months(?) later with everyone acting nervous and slowly through different campaigns you character is more and more trusting and agreeable. Eventually you learned that your empyrian lord(machitan or Katsinal) were starting to grow concern with your rising power level and wanted to keep your loyal so they messed with your mind. However it backed fire as Beritra in the form of a elyos/asmo scientist leads you to another place where a Hyperion robot sleeps, the moment you appear you find Khrun unconscious and he is rescued by his parents(who he does not remember due to amnesia when he arrived at the Reians) The Assassin sheidam lord and the Templar Seraphin lord (they had him before the tower's destruction... Aion forbade the empyrian lords from having children but they went around that and hide him/kept him in the shielded play area in elten. ) After that, you go down and help wake the Hyperion with the scientist who then turns into Beritra and takes it..you survive because the assistant, to which every empyrean lord you serve, rescues you and tell you what they did to you head.. and are not apologetic in the least. Beritra uses the Hyperion and some destroyed seals? don't remember this correctly, but it sends some of the lands back into the sea to raise Cygena/enshar from where tiamat sank it ages ago,it used to be Tiamat's land. The point of it all was to wake Ereskegal and control her and you fight trying to stop him but he flies off before you are being able to kill him leaving behind a claw(hand? something). Ereskegal's people react now ..and I am not quite sure how now .. but the upper Abyss is frozen Divine fortress int he abyss is frozen. Ereskegal starts trying to collect energy to awake ...a flower of doom thing.. which she does by capturing and torturing Daevas to death. At the same time you are told to go to a new land where you technically have no permission being. When you appear you see a fragment of the tower and get visions before falling unconscious. You wake up in jail and this is where it splits again between Elyos and Asmos... Elyos wise... the fortress commander recognizes you as the archdaeva who rescue and raised her as a child(comic), asmo wise a contact helps you. Anyways since you reacted with the tower fragment they let you stay and try to learn more. Eventually you regain your original Archdaeva powers(you're special.. you didn't ascend you were created by Aion like that? Aion wiki says more! >_>; ) and memories and learn that you were part of the plot ,with a few others, to attack the Dragon lords when they came for the talks ending with the collapse of the tower. When Ereskegal finally uses the flower and tries to destroy the elyos and asmos lands the Archdaeva uses all their power to protect some areas...and then it is opne to either they were depowered or they die...but story wise it seems like you die and are reborn again. This time they were waiting for you.. on the elyos side Pernon raises you ...keeps your real name out of the lore books in his house and raises you with a niece? ... basically I have been lazy and haven't finish leveling a new character to know more. Still at the end Ereskegal died and Beritra steals her power as he originally wanted to do. May have missed some pieces here and there but that should be the general idea of what happened since.. 1.x? LOL >_>; considering I did that from memory there might be a few things out of order...wrong land names yea. https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Lore https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Comic_-_Episode_1_Hope https://www.aionlegionsofwar.com/en/webcomic (The new comic with the mobile game..based after Aion. Annoying because it doesn't seem like your general character has anything to do with the destruction of the dragon lords) Also also we have new forums.. so that might be while it doesn't register old posts you did before the change?