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  1. @Kibbelzhow does one go about getting the download down for the game? or is it on the same launcher? How will that work>
  2. Wow, its like people dont know what RNG means, amazing.
  3. I mean, i normally farm and pay so it kinda evens out for me.
  4. saying 20 is to round it off, most will not want to do two transactions, when most can just spend 20 bucks, and get an extra 400 BCM for something else, or use it on luna to get bit more luna if they dont farm it. Edit: forgot to mention the reason most want ultimate, is cause they think it'll make them good at the game, thats why. when they dont want to learn their class correctly.
  5. The Contract box isnt useless, far as i can tell, its a perma one. There was no where it said it was a "temp" legend, the stats, were temp and would revert to their normal state if u were to read what it said. And NC wouldnt really make u spend 15 bucks for a 3 week contract...if it was for 3 weeks they would've made it 0 on the BCM. or evne if it was a 30 day item, it be only like 4 bucks anyways, why make an item that cost 15 dollars, and make it 3 weeks? THe stats are only a "temp" buff for the event, u can still get a chance at a legend contract, more than one way as of right now if u can
  6. if u want a legend, spend 15 bucks, there is one for 1200 BCM lol it lets u pick from any of the 4 new ones
  7. Let me explain, simple bugs to you, numbnut. when teh server booted up, after maint, there was a 10 min window, where teh NPC gave the legend contract for free. About 20 mins later, it went ot 30 event coins, then it was removed. The one on the BCM, was for those WHO DIDNT WANT TO DO THE EVENT OR WASTE TIME. It was a second way of getting it. the free "key" was to open the one u get via the event, use a little more common sense before you say stuff.
  8. Hmm? i wasnt on for this, is there any proof of this? My buddy was on for server reset and didnt see it. I got on like 2 hours ago and spent 20 bucks on the BCM one. Edit: also, if there was a bug, anyone who has played Aion for years, would know if that was a major bug, the server would be taken down and reset on the spot. and a roll back would've been done.
  9. For all you nerds, that dont learn, that "free" contract xform, was for 20 dollars off the BCM.
  10. Are people forgetting that AP dont work either period? @Cyan how is the AP gonna be added? since AP in a whole is busted OW and instance.
  11. LOL u got frost aswell? this is the last reply i got from them aswell Hello, We understand where you are coming from. Moreover, If compensation will be deemed appropriate for this, it will be applied equally to all affected accounts and not delivered by customer support to individual customers. At this point, we have no information about whether compensation is being considered. If you have other inquiries, please do contact us again. Regards, GM Frost NCSOFT Support Team
  12. Thanks NC. Thanks for ur broken game
  13. @Cyan Nice bug, army + gets no AP or GP ? wasted my time gg.
  14. @Cyan The marks didn't reset either fyi, not sure if you know, it was suppose to reset today right?
  15. 500 Ancients and 15 legends used just now. and not anything at 15. Ive used over 2k+ ANcients and over 100 legends, and still no 15. Amazing game. 10/10 @Cyan Why are these rates so bad?
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