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  1. unable to receive the reward for the quest by clicking on the reward button. displays the following error message: load fail! Quest_Q17154.html (htmlPageId 56) (Questid 17154) I tried abandoning the quest and re-doing it. still fails.
  2. This also happens on both my windows 10 systems when trying to run the 64bit version of Aion. (tho it does work fine on my windows 8.1 system. go fig). What I have to do is run the 32bit version and it works just fine. goto the ncsoft bin64 file folder and rename the file Aion.bin to Aion.bin.64 then restart the game. I have to do this after every update and it works fine unless i forget after an update. I also keep the bin64 in the file explorer/quick access area.
  3. Lugbug (mission manager) is missing in Sanctum. He used to be located next to the Obelisk. Menu option is partly in Korean text. Menu (blue up-arrow UI) > Support > Help & Support
  4. NA servers display Help information partly in Korean select Menu (blue up-arrow in UI) > Support > Help & Support
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