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  1. Can't buy Sandboxie any alternate program ? :o

    You can use Sandboxie for free....
  2. I always love seeing other intelligent people. Cheers !
  3. The class was too OP when it came out same with SW but SW got buffed because IDK and they never fixed GS they just nerfed the class into the ground a couple months after release and I never touched it again. Class is a glass cannon which would make sense if it was at least strong that class is weak asf. I would say roll another class and the new class is pretty OP for PVE not sure about PVP
  4. Prestiage Pass

    Whoops meant prestige but I keep this thread updated with my support ticket.
  5. Prestiage Pass

    So I used my free trial the week NcFail nyerked up another thing again with the 4 free character slots we couldn't access. Now that they fixed it my trial has ended so what now ?
  6. About the possibility of a new server for 6.0

    I would be all for a new server so everyone’s in the same playing field but we barely have enough people for 2 different servers as it is. 6.0 will either completely destroy the playerbase or stay about the same.
  7. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    Cheesecake you're about the only useful mf in support we have left. I honestly believe the whole entire team should be fired and replaced.
  8. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    It has everything to do with the BCM that's how they make their money... Believe what you want and as you said it would "cost money for an anti-cheat system" LOL clearly all they care about is money which is fine. I've seen solid proof before of hackers who are still up and about and I seen one the other day flying in a no flying area and killing world bosses but I don't care. I thought it was pretty damn funny myself to see it and if you give them money my friend your solid. I'm not bothered by the hackers I don't run into them much but to say BCM doesn't matter makes you look really stupid. Their OUT FOR MONEY AND THATS IT point blank. So yes hackers who spend money at the BCM are untouchable but that's fine by me they getting make a living somehow. Just don't be so blind to what's going on and play stupid. We don't need more sheep in the database being a nyerk rider.
  9. [Old Forums/Repost] 1.5 Ranger

    When in doubt stun shot your way out.
  10. I suggest to remove hackers from Aion

    It's simple really they will never ban hackers who buy from BCM it's just bad for business. At the end of the day like any other company NCsoft's only concern is money and if that hacker tends to spend a good amount of money on their BCM then their in the clear to do whatever they want. I don't agree with it but hey it gets them paid so be it. End of discussion it's the same players who's been hacking since 2012 with solid nyerking proof I might add lmao and still not banned so stop crying about it. Clearly their not going to get banned.