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  1. True, but what most companies do not get or at least the ones who make the decision do not see, is that if you make it affordable, many many more people will spend the money either due to principle of the matter and/or affordability, the whales will still be whales. They will spend the money regardless and the 99% who thought about it will have more of a reason to spend the money.
  2. While I agree with you, what is the point of this post? There are a hundred like it already.
  3. Got to say NCsoft... this is why us players don't trust you guys. Who decided on these prices? 6.x is balanced around drops and various mechanics, some of which are just not intact here. Based on the whales I know of in this game.... they can easily spend 100's of dollars to use this retuning.... the average player which is 99% of the remaining will not touch this. You guys would make much more money by not stepping on the average player. These prices need to be changed to something much closer.... doesn't have to be exact, but much closer to Korea's prices.
  4. Damn, that is really sad to read. When I returned to Aion in 6.0, I had a conversation with a guild member about the sorc that was a massive pain in the ass to fight by baiting your remove shock and then proceeding to destroy you. I played Aion in the 4.0 days when EB was the big thing and he always "hunted" people there and mostly solo too. I absolutely hated fighting him and I lost more fights than I won against him. Rest in Peace man. I'll drink one for you.
  5. I feel you man. You will also have the herp derp crowd that will jump in a say get better RNG. It is so annoying when you keep hearing about people who +15 their legendary's with ancient stones MULTIPLE times and here I am trying to just get something to +10 without failing back down to 0. Better yet, when the same people get multiple Ancients xforms and I have yet to see 1 from a looted contact. This game has always made most people feel like they wasted their time when you end up having nothing to show for it due to the failure system from enchanting which just isn't fun. Welcome to Aio
  6. AGREED mostly. No on #10 or #6 but EVERY single other one of those items we need or would help. I cannot believe that ncsoft NA would change enchantment rates compared to Korea when the lead korean dev stated that gearing and enchanting should be much easier in 6.X
  7. Simple, Lockboxes..... This has always been Aion's problem and will always continue to be as long as there are people willing to buy them. TLDR: Buy hundreds of lockboxes, open to get kinah bundles and use lockbox coins to buy more bundles.... open with some rng to get 10's to 100's mill of kinah.
  8. So I am running into an issue where my alt character on the new server cannot sell items to the merchant or the inventory store as it says that I have reached my kinah limit yet I can still sell stuff on my main 80 character on the new server. Is there a fix for this? This is especially annoying as you need kinah more than ever for everything. Is this a bug or what? Now that kinah cannot be traded directly, it seems like this needs to be adjusted or removed if it is not a bug.
  9. Cheesecake, you are godlike. Your files fixed my install problems from Thank you again. Don't know the cause for the installer not being able to download these files and a month prior I was able to download and install aion and never really saw this issue before in the 6+ years I have played aion. Only major difference between now and then is I have since moved to ATT fiber from Cox cable and the server merges occurred. Also, if this issue cannot be fixed by Ncsoft, they should provide the full installation in a zip file for download or make the full insta
  10. https://imgur.com/a/eYMQu I am getting an error when I install aion. [Update Error] CAnnot download file Here is a link to the picture I reinstalled windows with the 1709 Creative update Windows 10 and got this issue while redownloading aion. I have uninstalled and deleted all aion files and reinstalled and the problem persists. I have also formatted my computer AND reinstalled the 1703 version of windows with all updates, and I get the exact same error on a fresh install of windows. A file repair and reinstall does not fix the issue. So TLDR.... fresh installed crea
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