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  1. Agreed. But I think that 300 stigma enchant fail is too much for our sanity . And dont forget about bringing weapon/armor/skill skins too .
  2. It would be great if you provided information about the enchantment rate for all items in the game, and also about minion combination rate. And I would like to see the value of runestones buffs without having to equip it (like in runestone description).
  3. Would be nice to have another event that gives stigma enchant and/or daevanion skill box. Please do something about the lag that the sovereign weapon skin causes, before everyone get that weapon my game was running much better. And if someone changes weapons and one of the weapons is a sovereign it causes even more lag. I hate that people demand that we have cubic's to go to certain dungeons... remove it plz
  4. Would be nice if we had a siege in the afternoon like you did with Altar's. Not everyone can play at night.
  5. The quest description is telling me to talk with Raninia, but when I speak to her... well... I'll send the screenshot.
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